Steve Russell
When I saw a teaser informing me that a musician dubbed the “unofficial poet laureate of Canada” was about to walk on, I had several bittersweet thoughts...
Steve Russell
Settlement of the western U.S. was a government project, subsidized every step of the way, starting with the military part of the Indian Wars...
Steve Russell
New research on the Dresden Codex, one of only three that escaped the bonfires the Spanish conquistadors made of Mayan libraries, appears to show that what was at first considered ...
Steve Russell
The latest science on the depopulation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the Cahokia Mounds , located in the Mississippi River floodplain near St...
Steve Russell
TRUE ACTIVIST reported on an unlikely friendship between a Belgian Shepherd dog named Ingo and Poldi, a one-year-old owlet...
Steve Russell

The duel of metaphors in the 2016 elections is between those who want to build walls and those who want to build bridges, those who see diversity as strength are alarmed by those who see it as a debilitating disease. And vice versa....

Steve Russell
You can’t steal something that has no owner, and this obvious fact was the moral cover for virtually all of the real estate in the Americas—the so-called New World—becoming owned b...
Steve Russell
In a video interview shot for Viceland, former NBA star turned actor turned wrestler turned diplomat turned professional celebrity Dennis Rodman---the man reputed to be Donald Trum...
Steve Russell

My colleague Steve Newcomb accuses the first great Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall, of telling stories. Just so, and let me be clear that by “great” I mean a public figur...

Steve Russell
Diario de Ibiza reported an answer to the burning question, “Whatever happened to Paris Hilton?” I had to look up Ibiza...