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This report started out titled “Eight Dumbest,” but I have retreated from that claim...
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3D printing last hit the news when somebody got the bright idea of printing firearms...
Spider Rock Canyon de Chelly
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After my anger cooled from reading about the “ Top Eight Religious Destinations in the World ,” I got to thinking of the places I have seen in my own country that I am willing to c...
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The Wizard asked me to contribute to a remembrance of Dick Motherfucker. As Lee Hays once said of Pete Seeger, “what the Wiz proposes, she don’t take no noses.” Still, I attempted to beg off on the grounds that it’s a daunting task to write about DMF while protecting the more-or-less innocent....

Angkor Wat
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There’s a “list website” called The Daily Eight ...
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Kanye West gave his baby girl only two holiday gifts in addition to her name, North West. She got a $62,000 diamond tiara and a $12,000 replica of dad’s SUV...
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I’ve been watching the chest pounding about the ambush killings of two police officers in New York by a crazy man with a long criminal history.

Who are they saying was responsible?

Anybody who uttered "Hands up! Don't shoot!"...

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Maca, known to botanists as Lepidium meyenii, was first named maca by humans in Quechua, the language of the people who cultivated the root vegetable in the Andean highlands before...