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Salt Lake City, Utah, October 19, 2015:

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Steven Newcomb

A noticeable trend has emerged in recent years as more and more cities in the United States drop “Columbus Day” in favor of “Indigenous Peoples Day.” This name change is considered to be a great improvement by those who know that Columbus Day stands for a bloody expansion of empire and colonizati...

Steven Newcomb

On September 22, Pope Francis’ jet touched down in the traditional territory of the Piskataway Nation (Washington, D.C.). From there he traveled to the traditional territory of the Lenape Nation (New York City and Philadelphia)....

Steven Newcomb

In 2004, the Delaware Nation of Oklahoma, in Anadarko, filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Delaware Nation based its lawsuit on “the doctrine of discovery,” and the royal charter that King Charles II of England issued to William Penn in 1681....

Steven Newcomb

During his address to the U.S. Congress on September 24, Pope Francis alluded to the collision between the colonizing nations of Christendom and our original nations and peoples of this continent....

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In 2009, the Episcopal Church repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery. In 2012, The Unitarian Universalist Association followed suit...
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Scholars say the Doctrine of Discovery holds immense importance in world history...
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In 1892, Burke Aaron Hinsdale delivered a commemoration address at the University of Michigan, entitled “The Discovery of America.” The occasion was the 400th year since Columbus’s first historic voyage from Spain to the Caribbean....

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The Western Hemisphere was home to tens of millions of First Peoples when European settlers arrived, but less than a century later the number had dropped by 95 percent—a survival r...
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In his brilliant book The American Indian in Western Legal Thought (1990) Robert A. Williams says that Chief Justice John Marshall and the other justices of the U.S. Supreme Court “were well aware of the historical paternity of this bastardized” (illegitimate) doctrine of discovery....