Editor's Note: This short story, illustrated by artist Steven Paul Judd and written by Simon Moya-Smith , is anticipated to be one of many installments by the pair...
Jason Morgan Edwards
Joe Hopkins isn't just about the art—he's also about the passion behind the art...
Simon Moya-Smith
He makes art " for Indians to have, and that gets white people to think ." His name: Steven Paul Judd. He's Kiowa and Choctaw, and a celebrated artist. Judd is also a filmmaker...
Adrian Jawort
MC Redcloud of the Native hip hop duo LightningCloud has no time for those who want to block unaccompanied children from entering the United States...
Jason Morgan Edwards
Wes Studi can be heard in theaters right now as the voice of Windlifter in the newly-released Disney film, Planes: Fire and Rescue...
Gyasi Ross
QUICK RANT ABOUT MAN CRUSH MONDAYS: I’ve had a few people (not a ton, but definitely some) contact about these Man Crush Mondays, telling me how weird/funny it is...
Adrian Jawort
R&B/Pop artist Spencer Battiest, Seminole Tribe of Florida, has just signed to Hard Rock International Records ...

A couple things about American Indians, in case you didn't know:

1. There are a lot of them in Oklahoma.

Artist and film auteur Steven Paul Judd has signed a deal to direct a film connected to one of today's hottest comic book titles, Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth , which is publishe...

When all was said and done, judges picked Jackie Bread's "Memory Keeper" as the best piece of the 92nd annual Santa F