ICWA Hearings Melissa Clyde Nevaeh
Suzette Brewer
John Echohawk had heard enough...
ICWA Stephen Pevar Rochelle Walking Eagle
Suzette Brewer
On Monday, March 30 a federal judge issued a landmark decision affirming that officials in South Dakota violated numerous provisions in the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and deni...
Kevin Washburn BIA
Suzette Brewer
Last month, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Indian Affairs Kevin Washburn announced the release of new guidelines in the Federal Register to ensure that state and federal cou...
Suzette Brewer
On Tuesday, Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs Kevin K...
Richard Lincoln III
Suzette Brewer
Richard had made up his mind. By the time he was 16, the Yup’ik boy had been bounced around in foster care for years when he made the life-altering decision to escape...
Suzette Brewer
On Friday, November 21 another hearing is scheduled in the Iowa District Court in Plymouth County in an interstate custody showdown that has sparked national outrage among tribes a...
Suzette Brewer
Last Friday, the Second District Court of Appeals in California unanimously ruled against a non-Native foster couple seeking to adopt the Choctaw child in their care...
Suzette Brewer
In a Los Angeles County courtroom this morning, the Second District of the California Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in Children and Family Services v. J. E. et al ( CFS v...
The Native American Journalists Association announced its 2014 NAJA Award winners on June 26, and Indian Country Today Media Network was honored with 17 awards with the majority of...
Journalist Suzette Brewer, who has filed numerous reports for ICTMN on the saga of "Baby Veronica" and the Indian Child Welfare Act, will be appearing at 1 PM Eastern time on The N...