Gabby Barker looking to make par.
Kristin Butler
Gabby Barker grew up in Caldwell, Idaho, a couple hours’ drive from the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, where her father, Dwight Barker (Shoshone), was raised...
Rodney Harwood
Texas Tech golfer Gabby Barker (Shoshone/Paiute) spent her holiday break putting a golf ball across shag carpet into a coffee cup...
Texas Tech golfer Gabby Barker
Rodney Harwood
Texas Tech sophomore Gabby Barker (Shonshone/Paiute) is a psychology major as well as a rising star on the NCAA Division I golf horizon...
Sam Laskaris
Things have not worked out quite according to plan for Ashley Brokeshoulder during her senior year at Texas Tech University...