Gyasi Ross
QUICK STORY: We didn’t really grow up with that much TV-watching opportunities; sometimes I feel like I’m making up for lost time...
Gyasi Ross
"Why me?" "Because you buy your way out of trouble. You're a payer. You did it once, and now you're gonna do it again." Jimmy Shaker, Ransom Danny, I'm a movie nerd...
Gyasi Ross
Quick Story: I was on the “Indian Plan” on my journey through college, attending (seriously) six schools before finally graduating...
Gyasi Ross
This whole "Winter Challenge" thing makes me nostalgic. I remember when I was a little kid, I used to try to convince my mom that March was when it started getting warmer...
Robert Chanate
Trickster was on his way to the National Gathering of Tricksters when he came upon the Red Whisker Prairie Dog Village...
Gyasi Ross
(Disclaimer: ok, 100% of this shit really happened just as I tell it, but it didn’t really happen at 30,000 feet. I almost didn’t make it to 30,000 feet...

The subject: Standup comic Charlie Hill, who died on December 30, had a vast influence on Native com

Gyasi Ross
Happy New Year to you all…I hope that it started off with smiles, passion and time spent with loved ones...

The subject, in his own words: "My name is Amson Collins.

Thosh Collins
ABOUT THE SUBJECT: Tanis Parenteau (Métis/Cree) holds a Master of Fine Arts in Acting and a Bachelor of Physical Education with a focus in Physical Activity and Sport Performance...