Laura Paskus
Tanker trucks tear past a yellow school zone sign. On one side of the road, five oil wells are clustered around a pad...
Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino
New Mexico has broken the record for more tribes with "deemed approved" compacts by the Bureau of Indian Affairs than any other state in the country. If the U.S...
Alysa Landry
Navajo President Russell Begaye is calling for less talk and more action when it comes to rehabilitation of the former Bennett Freeze...
Navajo Pumpkin Patch Pickers
Alysa Landry
A 1,200-acre parcel of farmland on the Navajo Nation turns into a miniature, bustling city every fall...
Jason Morgan Edwards
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This disease touches all communities, but Native communities especially...
iStock Youth Help Suicide Depression
Anne Minard
The Navajo Nation is slowly recovering from four suicides that hit a small southeastern Utah community from mid- to late summer...
Anne Minard
The Navajo Nation is facing a health emergency after a series of four suicides near the small community of Montezuma Creek, Utah...
Shash Dine Ranch
Alysa Landry
Something magical is happening between mileposts 536 and 537 on US 89 south of Page, Arizona...
Lyla Johnston
At dawn on the Fall Equinox, September 23, 2015, a handful of young Diné women and their supporters will hold white corn meal offerings to the eastern horizon asking for guidance a...