Sheena Louise Roetman
A fake Native American head was found early Tuesday in the lap of a statue of Andrew Jackson in Jacksonville, Florida...
Steve Russell
PoliTech, a student project at Texas Tech University, conceived a project nicknamed “Politically Challenged” that has been causing great hilarity across social media and has racked...
Harriet Tubman Women on 20s
Steve Russell
New York Times columnist Gail Collins has dived into the Jackson Removal debate, commenting that replacing the slave owner and Indian killer with the escaped slave, Harriet Tubman,...
Steve Russell

When I first started university teaching, I was many times the bearer of shocking news to some young woman that her grandmother was not allowed to vote....

Famine Memorial Dublin Photocall
Christina Rose
The British over the centuries were equal opportunity offenders when it came to colonizing other cultures...
Max D. Stanley Trail of Tears
This persuasive essay was submitted to ICTMN by Matthew Scraper, Megan Scraper’s father. Megan, 12, is a student at Marlow Middle School in Oklahoma...
Tanya H. Lee
In the place where the Trail of Tears ended after an estimated 4,000 American Indians had died from hunger, exposure and disease during the forced removal of tribes from the Southe...
Steve Russell
NBC anchor Brian Williams is already on a six-month suspension without pay for falsely claiming his helo was hit by hostile fire in Iraq and his New Orleans hotel was surrounded by...
Four books dealing with Native history that were supposed to be introduced during the spring semester have been taken off the elementary-school curriculum in Juneau in the wake of ...
Claudio Saunt
Between 1776 and the present, the United States seized some 1.5 billion acres from North America’s Native peoples, an area 25 times the size of the United Kingdom...