Billy Frank Jr.
Peter d’Errico
Billy Frank Jr...
Billy Frank Jr. Street Bellingham
Frank Hopper
Billy Frank Jr., the Nisqually Native rights activist whose protests and fish-ins during the 1960s and 1970s often landed him in jail, will be posthumously awarded the nation’s hig...
The besieged Peel Watershed has been given a reprieve of sorts, with a three-judge panel’s ruling that the Yukon government breached indigenous treaty rights when it altered an agr...
Tim Ballew II

The Lummi Nation has faced an uphill battle in our efforts to protect our fishing area at Xwe'chi'cXen, Cherry Point, from a coal terminal. We’ve faced many obstacles and opponents in an ongoing fight to protect this sacred site from harmful development....

Fort Nelson First Nation in northern British Columbia has won a key ruling that stops Nexen Inc. from pumping millions of gallons of water from a local lake for fracking purposes...
Charles Chevalier 2002 Seattle-Post Intelligencer
Richard Walker
Charles Chevalier’s family had fished in the San Juan Islands forever. And he knew the impending decision in U.S. v...
Makah Whalers 1910 Wikipedia
Frank Hopper
It was overcast and drizzling the morning of May 17, 1999 when Theron Parker and the eight-man crew of the canoe, Hummingbird , saw a solitary 30-foot long gray whale in the waters...
Mark Trahant
Alaska reminds me of Washington state. Let me qualify that. Alaska reminds me of Washington state before the mid-1970s...
Richard Walker
Lummi Nation Chairman Tim Ballew is talking on the phone about his opposition to construction of a coal export terminal in his historical territory, while behind him a TV news repo...
Mark Trahant
The new Republican Congress has promised to expedite legislation to promote the Keystone XL Pipeline. North Dakota Sen...