The habitually inept public relations department of the Washington Redskins launched yet another flop of a campaign y

Simon Moya-Smith
As the Second Annual #Proud2BIndigenous Week comes to a close Saturday, it’s time to take a look back and revel in the majesty that is indigenous pride...
Vincent Schilling
Shortly after posting a list of Native-themed Valentine’s Day gifts, the artistic product website Zazzle has removed two of the products listed in the article and issued a response...
Vincent Schilling
Considering the popularity of our first article on this topic, we decided to continue the Jeff Foxworthy inspired list of ways to tell You Might Be Native American...

Both the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos had their share of Native American fans rooting for an NFL championship

Vincent Schilling
Four years ago, Daron Musick (Chickamauga Cherokee) reported to his Telephone Company Century Link (Previously Embarq) that an employee had drawn a “spear-chucking Indian” on his U...
Vincent Schilling
Most of us have heard the famous Jeff Foxworthy “You Might Be a Redneck…” jokes. But why should Foxworthy get to have all of the fun?...
Jacqueline Keeler

Monday morning I looked at my Twitter (@jfkeeler) Interactions list and I was surprised to see that Jake Tapper, CNN anchor had answered an obnoxious response to my tweet “Why Indian Mascots Need to End in a Picture” featuring a photogra...

Vincent Schilling
Several groups on social media are rallying to collectively and individually file FCC complaints against today's NFL broadcast of the Washington Redskins Kansas City Chiefs game...
Vincent Schilling
Most of his followers knew him as Metchitoweweyin or @Harv_Durocher on Twitter, but his formal name was Harvey Durocher...