Kenaitze Elders Kids Making Ornaments
Alysa Landry
When a 74-foot Lutz spruce begins its 4,000-mile journey this month from Alaska’s Chugach National Forest to Washington, D.C., it will include thousands of handmade ornaments desig...
Northland Eagles Hand Drum Group
A group of young men from the Leech Lake Reservation performed an honor song, written for the 2014 Capitol Christmas tree, as it left Bemidji, Minnesota...
Jack McNeel
“Today is an awesome day for me and especially the Kalispel people,” Francis Cullooyah, tribal elder, said. “I feel good about the smudging of the tree...
Rob Capriccioso
WASHINGTON—For the first time ever, an American Indian has blessed the soon-to-be-lit Christmas tree at the United States Capitol. “The Capitol Christmas tree is a U.S...