Kim Baca
President Barack Obama could decide whether to designate the 1.9 million–acre region known as Bears Ears as a national monument by the end of the year, according to U.S...
Sheena Louise Roetman
A group of demonstrators were removed from the Utah State Senate gallery on Monday while protesting the Senate’s decision to kill a proposal to establish an Indigenous People’s Day...
Gabriela Maya Bernadett
Cedar High School in Cedar City, Utah, is under fire for a recent halftime performance at a basketball game in which the school’s drill team dressed up in faux Native American atti...
Anne Minard
Native advocates for the creation of Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah will begin meetings later this month with the administration of President Barack Obama after ...
Alysa Landry
Archaeological discoveries in caves on the north shore of Utah’s Great Salt Lake are giving researchers a glimpse at what may be America’s first casino...
Anne Minard
Five tribes formally unveiled their proposal on October 15 for a 1.9 million-acre Bears Ears National Monument, which would protect lands in southeastern Utah that are both cultura...
Anne Minard
Five Four Corners-area tribes have united to propose a 1.9 million–acre Bears Ears National Monument that would be the first truly collaborative land management effort between Nati...
Kiowa quarterback Kendal Thompson
Rodney Harwood
Utah quarterback Kendal Thompson (Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma) knows the value of Indian Time, walking with humility, facing all challenges, patience and preparation for when his time ...
Anne Minard
A coalition of 24 Native American tribes working to create a conservation area would be strong...
Education Not Incarceration School to Prison Pipeline
Michelle Tirado
A recent report out of the University of Utah has cast a spotlight on the disproportionate rates at which American Indian students are thrust into Utah’s school-to-prison pipeline...