Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving
Steve Russell
The Chickahominy Obligation to Fight the Spanish The Chickahominy have less than a thousand souls still maintaining tribal relations, and about 15 percent of those broke off in 198...
Eugenics Carrie Buck
Steve Russell
Disappearing Indians by Legislation Virginia Indians were virtually legislated out of existence during the American infatuation with eugenics, the dark side of the Progressive Era...

Last weekend marked the 26th Annual Nansemond

Vincent Schilling
After a 77-acre tract of land was granted to the Nansemond Tribe in February by Suffolk, Virginia, the tribe held its 26 th Annual Nansemond Indian Tribal Powwow, marking the first...
Vincent Schilling
It came to them bedraggled, burned and covered in slime...

For  14 years, the Virginia Beach Department of Parks and Recreation has hosted their annual American Indian powwow.

Vincent Schilling
Even though Keenan Stewart is only an 11-year-old 5 th grader at Charles City Elementary School in Virginia, he is no stranger to the spotlight...
Suspicions of cannibalism at the Jamestown Settlement have been around for a long time...
Vincent Schilling
Last year, students in Rebecca Kelley’s fourth grade class at Dumbarton Elementary School (outside Richmond, Virginia) delivered a presentation seeking state recognition for the Gv...