Harriet Tubman Women on 20s
Steve Russell
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s announcement that Andrew Jackson is to be evicted from the face of the twenty-dollar Federal Reserve note was greeted with celebration in Indian count...
Harriet Tubman Women on 20s
Steve Russell
Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced on April 20 that Indian fighter Andrew Jackson is about to get removed from the $20 Federal Reserve Note...
Sarah Sunshine Manning
While teaching a high school lesson on indigenous women’s history, the rare and sweet occasion of classroom fireworks occurred, as the beautiful faces of Native youth lit up with i...
Senators Jon Tester (D-Montana) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-North Dakota) are recognizing Native women this month with a hash tag campaign that also features prominent indigenous females...
Steve Russell
In the journalism trade, they call it a “scoop” or a “beat” and, if it involves special access to a source, a “get.” The basic idea is arriving at a destination first...
Harriet Tubman Women on 20s
Steve Russell
The final votes are in and cosmic justice will not prevail. The point of Women on 20s is not to remove Andrew Jackson as much as to accomplish a woman on U.S...
Gyasi Ross
“It seemed as if the spiritual and social tapestry they had created for centuries was unraveling. Everything lost that sacred balance...
Wilma Mankiller Replace Jackson
Steve Russell
It’s time for an update on the women organizing what some people like to call Andrew Jackson’s “removal” from the $20 bill, after what President Jackson called the policy that put ...
Charles Kader

Sometimes I get teased about my habit of writing about legendary figures of history and how they got to be that way. Modern heroes still walk among us all today and possibly the best is still yet to come....

Writer and producer Gale Anne Hurd is known as the "First Lady of Sci Fi" for her work on highly successful films in the genre; now she's looking to tell the life story of Wilma Ma...