Eyewitnesses at Wounded Knee
Tanya H. Lee
This year is the 125th anniversary of the December 29, 1890 massacre of a band of Miniconjou Lakota led by Chief Spotted Elk, who was called Big Foot by the government...
Simon Moya-Smith
Addressing the inequities of the criminal justice system, President Obama on Monday commuted the sentences of 46 federal prisoners who had been convicted of drug offenses...
Wounded Knee Escort Horses
On February 27, 1973, some 250 Sioux Indians led by members of the American Indian Movement converged on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation, launching the famous 71-day occupati...
Winona LaDuke
"They just can't go to a hospital and take a body from the ER and put it back into the station wagon and drive away," Aitken County Deputy Coroner Chuck Brenny said… "Pretty soon, ...
Simon Moya-Smith
Just two weeks before the Wounded Knee Massacre, white ranchers were preparing to “kill every Indian” they could find...
Ruth Hopkins

Tis the Season. Christmas time, along with Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, mistletoe, ugly holiday sweaters, and the onslaught of sweaty suburban shoppers crowding shopping centers, is once again upon us....

Kevin McKiernan Bear Runner Bad Cob Wounded Knee
Alysa Landry
Four decades ago, Kevin McKiernan made a decision that would change the course of his life...
Vincent Schilling
One year after Wounded Knee landowner James Czywczynski told Oglala Sioux Tribe President Bryan Brewer he would be accepting outside bids if the OST would not pay the hefty price t...
Vincent Schilling
After police in Allegheny Township, Pennsylvania arrested and charged Joshuaa Brubaker with Insults and Desecration to an American Flag, a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania judge ruled ...
Vincent Schilling
Joshuaa Brubaker of Blair County, Pennsylvania has been cited for displaying an upside down American Flag spray-painted with “AIM” across it for what he says was expressing his Ame...