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Two parts of American history that seem to mesh together like peanut butter and jelly are the U.S. Armed Forces and motorcycles. Both resemble the sense of one word—Freedom. Through the Armed Forces our veterans fought to maintain it and to protect the land of the United States. And the thrill that comes with riding motorcycles portrays a sense of freedom in itself. Alone passing over the blacktop as the wind blows by, just the rider and the machine. This feeling of riding may not be enjoyed if it wasn’t for the duties of veterans in protecting the land they call home whether it a high rise in the city or a small trailer on the reservation. These veterans have felt and fought for Freedom.

Below is a list of recognized Veteran Motorcycle clubs, throughout the country.

American Veterans Motorcycle Riders Association

Canadian Veterans Motorcycle Units (CAV)

Central New York Leathernecks Motorcycle Club

U.S. Military Vets Motorcycle Club

Veterans of Guam, Motorcycle Club

Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club

Warrior Brotherhood Veteran’s Motorcycle Club