Oklahoma State U. calling all Native Explorers

Oklahoma State U. calling all Native Explorers


Sharmina Manandhar of NativeTimes.com reports that American Indian students interested in science, medicine and paleontology are being encouraged to apply to Oklahoma State University Center for Health Science's Native Explorers Program.

This free program was designed to get more American Indian students interested in the science and medical fields, and, hopefully, help increase the number of students who major in these crucial areas.

This program runs from May 18-27, and the application deadline is April 22.

The program begins at the school's Tulsa, Oklahoma campus, where participants will interact with physicians and medical students while they get hands on experience exploring anatomy.  They'll get a chance to compare diseased and normal organs, read topographic maps and learn how to use a compass and global positioning system, and prepare fossil specimens.

A key component to the program is a paleontological dig in the Mojave Desert in Southern California.  Manandhar reports that participants will get firsthand experience in collecting and identifying fossils.

If you're interested in applying, or want to learn more about the program, contact Dr. Kent Smith, associate professor of anatomy at OSU-CHS, at kent.smith@okstate.edu, or visit this site.

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