Indigenous Children in Venezuela Dying

Indigenous Children in Venezuela Dying


For one Warao indigenous community in Venezuela the last 13 days have been filled with health issues.

Six children in total for the Warao of Camblache in eastern Venezuela have died as a result of malnutrition, disease and poor health care. According to a press release by Survival International the community is close to a rubbish dump and polluted rivers that are spoiling the environment and detrimental to the health of the indigenous.

Authorities have been slow in reacting to the situation and have Antonio Valenzuela, a Warao representative from the community asking, “How long will we have to live next to this rubbish dump? … Children are dying, they’re finishing us off and we don’t want that … that’s what the government should be there for.”

About 20,000 Warao live near the Amacuro Delta region of eastern Venezuela.

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