Why Don’t You People Just Get Over It? Here’s Why


Why don’t you people just get over it? Well, umm…. Hello?

That’s the gist of this video put together by Canada’s largest labor union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which celebrated National Aboriginal Day on June 21 by launching a new campaign, Justice for Aboriginal Peoples—It’s Time!

“Aboriginal Peoples in this country have endured centuries of oppression and face many challenges in their struggle for justice. This struggle is not only for the First Peoples of this nation to take on,” the union says on its site. “Treaties were signed between First Nations and the Government of Canada—the people we elected to represent us. So we all have a responsibility to ensure that the terms and conditions of those treaties are met.”

Deftly encapsulating centuries of shared history, this vid pinpoints just when it went acrimonious between the First Nations and the settlers. The union hopes to educate its 172,000-plus members worldwide, including embassy and consulate personnel.

The bring-it-home stats that hit the opening line’s question out of the park are strictly Canadian, but the story told beforehand applies to all of Turtle Island.

Why don’t you just get over it? Check out this video to hear aboriginal union members spell it out succinctly.

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unique's picture
Submitted by unique on
Just get over it? Huh, maybe the rule of law doesn't mean anything to you. Maybe the Constitution doesn't mean anything - but it doesn't feel that way to me. Those treaties mean something. Look it up. Then we can talk about "getting over it".

dmkorman's picture
Submitted by dmkorman on
Congrats to my northern brothers and sisters on a job well done. I do have a "bone to pick" though with the idea that "in the beginning things went well" following Columbus coming here. He was anything but hospitable to the Taino and other Caribbean natives. He quickly started engaging in genocide against those who, he wrote, were among the nicest, most sharing and welcoming people he had ever met.

pedrotorres's picture
Submitted by pedrotorres on
To the publishers of this video, "Why don’t you people just get over it? Well, umm…. Hello?" Columbus came in 1492 in the ship the Santa Maria and 'Things were not so bad" are these video publishers really serious when they make such a foolish public statement!

zelbe1's picture
Submitted by zelbe1 on
This is awesome! Its too bad most non-native people in America are either in denial or still maintain a supremacist attitude towards original indigenous peoples. This is a simple and creative approach toward bridging differences through educating non-native people. I am proud of my aboriginal people of the north!

daniel's picture
Submitted by daniel on
For the commentators David and Chief Pedro Torres below as well as any others concerned about the partnership relationship described in the video, it is important to note that this is from Canada and is talking about the Mi'kmaq and the French trading together and building peaceful communities. The atrocities by Columbus and others are not to be ignored, but they were not the context for the comment in the video about the positive early relationship. Also, Chief Torres, the "why don't you people get over it?" is what we hear from newcomers and what the video is answering, not the point that is being made.

rhonsixtyfour's picture
Submitted by rhonsixtyfour on
This is what we in America need to do...a reconsiliation

anitahaywood's picture
Submitted by anitahaywood on
This is excellent. Aboriginal people here in the US should do this too. I shared this video. Great job!

crymeariver's picture
Submitted by crymeariver on
Cry me a river .... With free education "$2000 less per student" what a joke you should see the new school that was built ON RESERVE ,no taxes. more government assistance than ever before and may I say more than your average Joe ,Grants,Progames,support my question is. WHAT more do you want........

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
Reconciliations sounds nice, but first you have to get one half of this issue to admit its wrongdoings. It's been my own experience that you can't hold your breath and wait for this - it will be a long time coming. That said, I'm amazed at the parallels between how America treated Natives and how Canada treated Natives. One thing I'm NOT surprised at is the number of assholes who think we're getting MORE than we deserve (looking at CRYMEARIVER below). They take and take and take and STILL have harsh words for a people that have done nothing to them. If we could just get rid of the assholes and idiots in this world our lives would be so much easier!

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
Get over it? We NEVER will those of us who know OUR histories. We will ALWAYS consider the Europeans & their subsequent successors, the American government, among others, who invaded & stole OUR lands as land thieves, murderers of OUR ancestors & destroyers of OUR way of life we enjoyed for thousands upon on thousands of years. ......................................................................................................................... Would you "get over it" had your peoples way of life been almost destroyed & in some cases, completely wiped off the face of the earth? I think not. Karma has a way of equalizing things I find. Just look around yourselves at all the chaos going on all over the earth, all the strange weather & more earthquakes, pestilence, droughts, decay in morality & "modern" society, wars & societal unrest all across this planet. Coincidence? Some agree & some do not. The Creator & Mother Earth have ways of getting its inhabitants attention one way or another when they have had enough of the evil of the human race.

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
TWO BEARS GROWLING: Maybe Wovoka's dream is coming true? May they take all the apples with them.

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
Amen, Michael Madrid! So many take & never give back. These egotistical, self-centered, greedy SOB's are never filled with enough of anything. They are soulless creatures whose eyes are blinded & ears are deaf. This sort has no cure but to their own demise. ......................................................................................................................... The next sort are those who have been seduced & deceived by these web weavers of lies. These folks CAN be saved from themselves IF they are willing to open their ears & listen to the truth & open their eyes when they are shown the truth. We can help those unfortunate ones if given the opportunity. ......................................................................................................................... We haven't been "given" anything, instead, we have been stolen from & we are STILL waiting for those hundreds of treaties to be lived up to by those various governments who signed them as well. If anything, we are owed untold hundreds of billions more than we will ever see paid to our many People all across Turtle Island.

Leessa Renne
Leessa Renne
Submitted by Leessa Renne on
Hey "crymeariver" who do you think you are! You have NO idea what US natives endured, Government stealing land, wine , women and our song! You are on OUR Land, remover yourself with a attitude like that, how do you sleep, and why wake in the morning. HAVE A GOOD DAY! :D

Michael Madrid's picture
Michael Madrid
Submitted by Michael Madrid on
I'd never heard the "just get over it" meme quite as much as when I began engaging people on YouTube over the R*dskins controversy. It's strikes me as odd that those who ask us, "why don't you just get over it," would NEVER think of saying that to Jews affected by the holocaust.

Edward Cook
Edward Cook
Submitted by Edward Cook on
I am 1/8 Cheyenne! I always held that heritage more then the other! This country set the record above Germany in lives taken! For whole tribes no longer exist cause of the invasion of the White man into our country!

WinterWindTeacher's picture
Submitted by WinterWindTeacher on
I think the video is very well done, it is informative and direct. The history of the America's has been brutal, inhuman and monstrously cruel. Divine law was rejected and man made laws were applied to benefit only the occupiers and was used as sword against the Indigenous populations throughout the continent. It is painfully sad how the Indigenous nations were torn in unthinkable ways. A veritable paradise as beautiful as any, a reality of heaven on earth. One observer noted of an Indigenous community, 'the people had few possessions, they shared everything, they enjoyed each others companionship and were happy. Descending upon it with determination and full ambition, the occupiers have sewn wounds deep and left the Indigenous Nations with an unnatural poverty and despair of life without home or loved ones. Such a magnificent beauty here that most never got to see, it had long been torn down. Water was heavily polluted. dark and smelled foul, where previously it was described as "crystal clear" and "pure". With all the life pushed out, even the spirits had to leave where they loved being. So much of it is shocking; the overwhelming pollution in the air, water and soil, the high levels of cancers and such massive destruction of habitat like that which has occurred in Alberta. How many thousands of years it took for the soil to be there in all its composites and the endless cycle of migrating herds of elk and wolves and other beings that made their journeys across land which is now a crater of death. It seems impossible that such ignorance and arrogance could exist to do these things. There seems to be a feverish pitch with the new destruction; massive loss of natural habitat from mining, contamination of ground water, whole rivers destroyed through leakage of contaminates, oil spills in the ocean that gushed for months, the nuclear waste that has been pouring into the ocean for five years now, derailed rail cars with gases that have spilled and ignited, explosions at chemical plants, the increasing contemporary mass shootings in public places, wars that have no resolution but have a continuance, rates of cancer for adults and children keeping ahead - a reality of the evil one being here. It has been spitting in people's faces, a sticky material like cement that blinds them to love, harden their hearts and have a real hatred instead. The Earth can not tolerate all the death, and human being can not live in these inhuman ways. It is a difficult and painful time to be here in life while the storms increase and crisis. The cleansing is underway, life has to expunge the evil. The evil one has no reality of being among the living. It has a truth of death absolute but the people have kept it fed. It is hard to be brave and trust. I do very much need the evil one removed from the earth. Hopefully people will remember to take care of each other because humanity has to be cleansed of indifference and narcissism. Human beings were born to love and be loved. It will be lovely to see human beings together and happy as they once were so long ago.

Paddy Cake's picture
Paddy Cake
Submitted by Paddy Cake on
Please do no just get over it. It takes much strength to act on what happened. These issues are not being presented in order to provide entertainment for us non-indigenous people. When we were visiting Inuvik our family was invited, unexpectedly, to be outside witnesses at the 4 day TRC. We also quietly wept through the TRCs in Duncan and Vancouver. As settler people we do not expect to ever get over what we learned. No one, regardless of their background, can rid their mind of major childhood trauma. Suggested reading: A National Crime. by John Molloy, University of Trent. The book is based on Canadian government documents.