Food Network’s Guy Fieri Makes an Indian Taco at Tocabe


Guy Fieri, the face of the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,"called Tocabe's fry bread "the bomb" on a resent visit to Tocabe: An American Indian Eatery, located in northwest Denver. The episode aired September 12.

Fieri acknowledged that his TV program has examined foods from many cultures, but “one of the foods we haven’t learned about is Native American food.”

It was a knowledge gap that Fieri has filled with zest. He proclaimed Jacobs’s blueberry barbecue sauce “to die for” and said that when paired with sage-rubbed bison ribs, it revealed “huge, huge flavor.” He also praised the corn salsa with cranberries, the hominy salsa, and the marinated, grilled chicken. He also heaped plaudits on the staff.

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dbender's picture
Submitted by dbender on
Frybread may as well be bombs; its killed more Indians than the army! I don't care what anybody says, frybread is NOT Indian food. Genetically, we're born to be hunter-gatherers. Where do you think all the diabetes and food addiction come from? Come on guys. And please stop feeding these people our wild rice. There's simply not enough of it to go around. Whose health is more important anyway? Your customers or the Ojibwe whom have subsided off of that rice for centuries. Very unethical.

loripotter413's picture
Submitted by loripotter413 on
That was excellent! *and now I'm hungry* Can we take a peek at the recipes please?

ayajinta's picture
Submitted by ayajinta on
Genetically everyone were born to be hunter gatherers really. As you acknowledge in the last half of your comment, refined flour is not healthy for anyone. But hey - culture is not static. It grows and changes with the people who live it. I know frybread is bad for me but I love it - at home, I try to make it with more wholesome alternatives on the occasions I do make it (like whole wheat flour) and I even tried steaming it once (not doing that again). Most of the year I am vegetarian, but when powwow time rolls around and I go back east? Frybread. Indian Tacos. Frito Chili Pie (which I do make at home, vegetarian style). It's tasty stuff.