Al Gore in a still from 'An Inconvenient Truth,' his Oscar-winning documentary about climate change.

Al Gore Praises Keystone XL Decision, Cautions Pipeline Opponents to 'Remain Engaged'


In an entry posted to his official blog, former Vice President Al Gore praised President Obama for making the "right call" in deciding to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project.

"This is an important win not only for the thousands of activists who risked arrest—and for the hundreds who went to jail," he said, referring to protesters such as Daryl Hannah, Margot Kidder and Tantoo Cardinal, who were arrested in Washington DC in August and September.

But in addition to praise, Gore had some words of warning for environmentalists. "Following the election this fall this issue may yet resurface in the first part of 2013," he wrote. "As a result opponents of the Keystone pipeline must remain engaged and prepared to beat this proposal again."

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Submitted by idiotwind on
Yea, approving Keystone XL would create alot of jobs alright, Canadian jobs and could destroy the environment in the process. The Canadian white fat-cats couldn't be more happy if it was approved. Approval would give Big Oil permission to continue to screw First Nations people who never ever benefit from such large scale projects and whose land and resources are stolen as a matter of "white privilege" practiced by corporate greed (they don't call this the Great White North for nothing) saying that political power comes out of the barrel of a gun, condoned by a deaf, dumb and blind Progessive Conservative right wing government. By one estimate only about 2500 jobs would be created in the US. Where'd that ridiculous figure of 20,000 come from? More than likely out of thin air. It doesn't take 20,000 workers to lay a pipeline that any half-assed construction company could do with less than 2500. In Canada all the riches accrue to the fat cats in Big Oil, the Mitt Romney type of person. There was a pipeline being laid across Alberta and Saskatchewan a couple of years ago, nowhere did you see tens of thousands of workers hunched over, digging those trenches, laying that pipe, visions akin to thousands of China's peasants on the hill, digging with pick and shovel. At most there were a less than twenty men at any one site and all were mechanized. One backhoe can do the work of 2,000 men. This pipeline job myth is Big Oil and Big Money talking, they can smell gold at the other end.