"Our White Buffalo bulls weigh 1200 -1500lbs, and have horns in the 17-20 inch [range]," says the site. "Your white buffalo trophy will be a huge!"

$13,500 to Kill Sacred White Buffalo in Texas—Can This Be True?


American Indians across the internet are flocking to the website of Texas Hunt Lodge today—and not because they're planning a hunting trip. No, they're alarmed by a page on the site dedicated to the White Buffalo Hunt Package, which advertises a chance to kill a white buffalo for $13,500.

White buffaloes are sacred animals to the Lakota Sioux and other Native groups, and there aren't a lot of the creatures around. When one was born last year in Greenville, Texas, it was an occasion for much rejoicing. An article in the British newspaper Daily Mail extensively covered the naming ceremony of Lightning Medicine Cloud. That report said that "Lightning Medicine Cloud, whose name is also a tribute to a white buffalo born in 1933, named Big Medicine, is thought—in Lakota Sioux tradition—to be the third of its kind ever born."

It may be that not all white buffaloes are created equal, for there is a herd in Bend, Oregon, that contains 11 white buffaloes. Even so, it's safe to say there aren't a lot of them; an article on the herd from 2010 said that experts estimate that there are less than 50 white buffaloes in existence.

The sacredness of the white buffalo is linked to the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman, a Lakota prophet who brought the Lakota the Seven Sacred Rituals.

Understandably, this page at Texas Hunt Lodge has alarmed those who value white buffaloes. The text reads, in part:

Texas Hunt Lodge allows the opportunity to hunt and harvest the Authentic and Rare White Buffalo. ... There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the White Buffalo, or White Bison, in Texas, which makes it a suitable trophy year round.

We typically let our hunters choose the method of hunting White Buffalo that they prefer. Hunters of White Buffalo can choose the Spot and Stalk method, Bow Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, Safari Style Hunting, Handgun, as well as hunting from a Blind. We can accomodate hunters of any age and experience level, as well as hunters which have physical disabilities or may be confined to a wheelchair.

Our White Buffalo bulls weigh 1200 -1500lbs, and have horns in the 17-20 inch ranch...your white buffalo trophy will be a huge!

A page about Lightning Medicine Cloud on the website of Lakota Ranch speaks of the white buffalo not as a huge trophy, but a hugely significant part of Native culture. According to that page, esteemed Lakota spiritual leader John Lame Deer called the white buffalo "the most sacred living thing you could ever encounter." Oglala Sioux spiritual leader Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand, a grandson of Red Cloud, is quoted as saying "The arrival of the white buffalo is like the second coming of Christ. ... It will bring about purity of mind, body, and spirit and unify all nations—black, red, yellow, and white."

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halfbreed's picture
Submitted by halfbreed on
When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. I was taught only to kill what I eat, I hope to see the day that all will treasure the land, (they're not making any more land)

wendikimbrough's picture
Submitted by wendikimbrough on
Old, over weight white guy that's obviously starving to death! NOT! Once a murderer, always a murderer.

freespiritsioux's picture
Submitted by freespiritsioux on
I find this really really disturbing. Who else but a white man would stand next to this sacred buffalo just for his ego or whatever he wants to call it. They have no respect for the four legged ones nor for the symbolic meaning of the white buffalo! I just cannot tolerate these individuals who slaughter any animals just for their pride and their pockets! Something has to be done to stop this! Dont they have any regard for the Sioux/Lakota peoples and their traditions/beliefs?

arapaho's picture
Submitted by arapaho on
come on natives....these are not sacred white buffalos...they are buffalo whos parents are buffalo and part Charolais...you know the white cow. white buffalo were sacred because they were extremely rare...1-several million....but now all these non indian owned buffalo farms are increasenly having sacred white buffalo calfs??? all across america?? i had a buffalo rancher in wyoming offering the tribe some buffalo breed with charolais to produce white buffalo....said we could make alot of money with other indians and people coming to see them when i see a white buffalo in yellowstone from a natual genetic pure herd...then we can talk

moderntradishdotcom's picture
Submitted by moderntradishdotcom on
This is symbolic of the bigger picture regarding respect for Indigenous spirituality, and culture. This issue directly stirs me up, as my family is Lakota from Cheyenne River. Read my blog, "You can't make our spirit" for another perspective on this developing discussion. www.moderntradish.com

joebefumo's picture
Submitted by joebefumo on
If there was a buck to be made, some enterprising capitalist would be cloning Jesus and selling tickets to nail him to a cross. No doubt Texans would be lining up, too . . .

joebefumo's picture
Submitted by joebefumo on
Once a scumbag, always a scumbag. Why does everyone hate rich, white, corrupt Americans? Whine, whine, whine. Must be because of our freedoms. Launch another predator drone, hero.

joebefumo's picture
Submitted by joebefumo on
The scum who's running this hunt should be mounted, skinned, and shot . . . in that order . . .

kathrynokc's picture
Submitted by kathrynokc on
I have made several contacts trying to get the owner of the lodge Aaron Bulkley to return my calls so at the very least to see if in some way we can purchase the White Buffaloes to put them on a reserve. I'm Chickasaw and we have an area at the park we may be able to get this done and if not there than somewhere else. I can't stand to watch this happen any longer. Kathryn Hatcher

raefaour's picture
Submitted by raefaour on
I would love to know the name and artist of the song featured in this video.

stormy1's picture
Submitted by stormy1 on
from a friend in Scotland...i am so disgusted by this and so sad. i can't believe that something so sacred would be treated in this way. I have posted the link on my facebook accounts and to friends in scotland. i hope thsi can be stopped. many blessings

notnek's picture
Submitted by notnek on
There must be a great deal of pride in killing this animal in an enclosed fenced area. Just think of the terror in this jerks heart when this wonderful symbol of American heritage walked out to get a drink or a bit of grain. Just think what that $13,500.00 could do to provide for the homeless or a food shelf. More sadness heaped on the dark history of American injustice to our people.

fineartmarcella's picture
Submitted by fineartmarcella on
I've never understood 'canned' hunts anyway, what small man counts himself brave to kill an animal locked in a field or pen. This animal was so beautiful, what a violent act

frankblakey's picture
Submitted by frankblakey on
What a JERK!!!! Maybe somebody should hunt him,I"ll pay 13,500$$ who else will,does it include family member for a few grand more???

frankblakey's picture
Submitted by frankblakey on
Had too steal and post,could"nt said it better myself!!

authorroberthayward's picture
Submitted by authorroberthayward on
Primeaux and Mike: Walk in Beauty, early releases, also in the movie "Wolves" cd music soundtrack, its a very slow version of one of their great Peyote songs of The Native American Church (thethirteenthstep.com)

michaelbrown's picture
Submitted by michaelbrown on
This will not be happening....There is a higher power that WILL recompence this atrosity.There has been enough suffering and pain through out the Nations.

blackcloud's picture
Submitted by blackcloud on
Wow, over reaction maybe.

blackcloud's picture
Submitted by blackcloud on
How can someone tell someone else that they can't have a hunt on their own land with an animal they own? Sacred animal? It might have been sacred to a bunch of people a long time ago who didn't know any better because they only saw a few of them in their life time but this is 2012...grow up and get with this century.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
this was a desperate sacrifice (along w/many others) to their god satan (saturn) they cant stand the Earth Mother so they keep trying to hold on .....

Animallover's picture
Submitted by Animallover on
I agree with wendikimbrough - Once a murderer, always a murderer. This makes me sick.

inya's picture
Submitted by inya on
Death comes the same way. The white buffalo was not meant to be killed by native americans or human. God is the taker of life great misfortune, losses disparities fall on killers of wb. Native american who have killed gods power have lost their lands and more

Enrique Sandoval's picture
Enrique Sandoval
Submitted by Enrique Sandoval on
the man in the picture deserves to go to hell...

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
It's bullshit it's not like the second comin of Jesus buffaloes are nothin but food and a way of makin a good buck

Linda Taschereau's picture
Linda Taschereau
Submitted by Linda Taschereau on
They say there is an a-whole in every town , this is worse "Karma"

shirley(lost  indian maiden)'s picture
shirley(lost i...
Submitted by shirley(lost i... on
I am trying to research my indian heritage when I come across this and was so applaud that I would lash out to whoever goes on this hunting trip. It just seems like the white man still wants to do whatever they feel like doing and we are not to say anything to them. I think that who ever goes on this hunt should be hunted like the white buffalo so they will know what it feels like be hunted down and killed

crwillingmcmanis@aol.com's picture
Submitted by crwillingmcmani... on
I was told that a person who kills a white animal such as a buffalo or stag has a black heart. This must be so.

Martin Homer
Martin Homer
Submitted by Martin Homer on
To all you "HUNTERS" out there that are thinking of obtaining this as your own personal trophy. Don't forget that this a containment hunt, not a true hunt. How will your other TRUE other hunters regard you?. Not only would you be killing a sacred being, but just a baby one at that. Where is the true sport in that? In my mind a true hunter would find the action as nothing more than not downright sportsmanship.

WarrenPHarris's picture
Submitted by WarrenPHarris on
The biggest problem with this is that it's like shooting fish in a barrel. No challenge, no risk to the "hunter". Wasting a beautiful animal for nothing more than a trophy. How pathetic.