Pine Ridge Reservation blockade of Keystone XL Pipeline transportation where five were arrested March 5.

Keystone Blockade on Pine Ridge Reservation Leads to Arrests


Five American Indians were arrested March 5, after a six-hour blockade on the Pine Ridge Reservation that stopped two large trucks carrying parts of the Keystone XL Pipeline tried to cross through the reservation.

Following her release from jail, Debra White Plume said, “Alex (Debra’s husband), myself, Sam Long Black Cat, Andrew Iron Shell and Don Iron Shell were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. We formed a blockade to stop tarsands oil mine equipment from passing our land.”

White Plume said there was about 50 to 75 people that took part in the blockade in the Eagle Nest District of Wanbli, on the northern side of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Indian Country Today Media Network will continue to report on this story throughout the day.

Watch a video from blockade here:

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Submitted by redwolf48 on
If they were blockading in Wanbli, then they were on reservation soil so who arrested them and did anyone in the reservation tribal government give authorization to transport across the sovereign territory of the tribe?

Submitted by pineleaf on
I agree with Grandmother Whoo Hoo good for you.

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Submitted by arw00 on

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Submitted by butterflywoman on
This is a more than an insult for the Keystone XL Tar Sands truck to come through tribal land. Many tribal members understand the risks of the pipeline. It is more than insulting that the natural gas/oil industry are not listened to Native People or anyone else. The Lakota tribe is not being respected by the pipeline industry. How dare they casually drive through a Sovereign Nation. We have been praying for you especially the grandmother,at 92 years old,who asked why are they here?