Forecasters see trouble from Minnesota to Texas.

Forecast for Saturday: ‘Life Threatening’ Storms Centered on Oklahoma and Kansas


For just the second time in history, the Storm Prediction Center has issued a warning more than 24 hours in advance of a storm that is expected to be severe, even a "high-end, life threatening event."

"This is a very powerful weather situation," said Russ Schneider, director of the Storm Prediction Center, according to an Associated Press report. "The environment is extremely favorable for violent, long-track tornadoes. The only question is when and where these storms will initially develop."

Maps and warnings posted to the Center's official site,, show a giant area of concern that stretches from Minnesota to Texas, with the most severe conditions predicted for an area from Salina, KS to Oklahoma City, OK.

On Friday, a tornado hit central Oklahoma, leaving thousands of residents without power in Norman and Oklahoma City.

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