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Parents: Don’t Cheer at Graduation, You Could Get Arrested


A South Carolina mother was arrested for cheering too loudly when her daughter was called to receive her diploma, and an Ohio senior’s diploma is being withheld when his family and friends were too rowdy during his walk across the stage.

Sharon Cooper, of Florence, South Carolina, was handcuffed and escorted from the Florence Civic Center where her daughter was receiving her diploma from South Florence High School, reported WPDE News Channel 15.

Cooper was held outside the center for 45 minutes, then at the Florence County Detention Center for several hours before posting a $225 bond and going home. What do you think, should she have been arrested?

Pamela Little-McDaniel, a spokeswoman for the Florence school district, explained to ABC News that because three high schools were graduating together, they wanted to make sure all the parents heard their child’s name called, and that multiple notices were sent out to parents saying cheering could get them removed.

Anthony Cornist, from Mount Healthy, Ohio won’t be getting his diploma because of his family and friends’ rowdy display when he walked across the stage.

“I will be holding your diploma in the main office due to the excessive cheering your guests displayed during the Roll Call,” read a letter from the school principal, according to ABC News affiliate WCPO. The letter also demanded that Cornist or his family must complete 20 hours of community service to get his diploma.

Cheering isn’t the only thing that get graduating seniors in trouble. ABC News reports that at least 10 graduating seniors from McMinn County High School won’t be getting their diplomas because they decorated their graduation caps after being warned not to.

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Submitted by talyn on
At my graduation we were warned that anyone who goofed around would be edited out of the graduation video. I was edited out. Completely, like I was never even there. Admittedly, I wandered off the front of the stage and fell into the audience, but I felt I should have been given some leeway. I was about 24 hours post-surgery, so I was on a significant dose of pain killers, and I was blind. I couldn't tell where to go. Some things are beyond a student's control, and I don't think the student should be penalized for them. Most high-school students have no way to control their family. Go ahead, try telling YOUR mom to pipe down!