Shelly Signs Bills to Approve Alcohol Sale and Acceptance of Land

Shelly Signs Bills to Approve Alcohol Sale and Acceptance of Land


On August 1, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly approved two legislative bills, the first one was the go ahead for sale of liquor at Twin Arrows Resort and Casino near Flagstaff, Arizona and Antelope Point Marina near Page, Arizona.

CJY-40-12 follows a previous approval for sale of liquor at two other Navajo casinos on an otherwise dry reservation according to a Navajo Nation press release.

“Alcohol is a sensitive subject, but in order to make our casinos and other businesses competitive, we need to allow alcohol sales at these select establishments,” Shelly said in the release.

The second bill Shelly signed was Legislation CJY-42-12 which “accepts 45 acres from Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration,” giving the Navajo Nation mineral rights to 160 acres the release continued. The legislation also requests that Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar place the land into trust status.

“This is positive step for the Navajo Nation. We are gaining both surface and mineral rights to these lands. Now we are hoping Sec. Salazar will put these lands into Navajo trust so we can explore how best to use this land for our People,” Shelly said.

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