Clouds are almost indistinguishable from snow in this time-lapse video of the Pacific Northwest by Oregon photographer John Eklund.

Magical Time-Lapse Video of the Northwest Stars Mother Earth


The Milky Way drifts across the sky. Aurora tumble and roll. Clouds flow like rivers or undulate like smoke.

Welcome to photographer John Eklund’s time-lapse depiction of the Pacific Northwest, home to the Chinook, Klamath, Yakama, Salish and dozens of other American Indian tribes.

“I choose to shoot locations that appeal to the way I would like to interpret the story of time,” the Portland, Oregon–based photographer wrote on his Vimeo page. “Here in the Pacific Northwest, there are endless opportunities to document the magnificence of the world around us. I have discovered that when time is the storyteller, a special kind of truth emerges.”

His love of this land is abundantly evident in the 260,000 shots he took of Mt. Shuksan, Crater Lake, Mt. Bachelor, Mount St. Helens, Oregon's Badlands, Painted Hills, Cape Kiwanda, Mt. Hood, Lost Lake and Cannon Beach between July 2011 and August 2012 to compile this haunting footage.

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