The Fate of Pe’ Sla Purchase – Sioux Nation Working to Raise $9 Million, Tribal leaders Meeting in Rapid City Today

The Fate of Pe’ Sla Purchase – Sioux Nation Working to Raise $9 Million, Tribal leaders Meeting in Rapid City Today

Vincent Schilling

Back in September, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (RST) announced that they had secured funding, specifically a $900,000 earnest deposit financed from the Indian Land Tenure Foundation of Little Canada, Minnesota and their subsidiary, the Indian Land Capital Co. Foundation (ILCCF) toward the purchase of nearly 2,000 acres of land including the sacred site of Pe’ Sla in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Though the earnest deposit demonstrated the goodwill intention of the RST to purchase the site, there is still the ever looming November 30 deadline to generate the remaining $8.1 million.

According to RST Chairman Cyril “Whitey” Scott, today is the day a majority of tribal leaders will meet in Rapid City, South Dakota to discuss how to finalize the purchase and how the tribes will be coming up with the rest of the money.

Though many tribal leaders have been tight-lipped until final negotiations can be discussed, Chase Iron Eyes, an attorney and writer for said tribal leaders would be meeting to discuss how the burden would be shared.

“The meeting with all the tribes is to see who can donate what,” said Iron Eyes. “To see how the pie of $9 million is going to be chopped up between all of the Lakota tribes for sure to include Cheyenne River, Rosebud, Oglala, Standing Rock, Yankton Dakota and others.”

Iron Eyes also said he was glad his organization would assist by donating their approximate $400,000 raised toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla.

RST Treasurer Louis Wayne Boyd said he couldn’t comment about particulars, but did say coordinating monies from each tribe was simply a matter of working out specifics.

“Every tribe has their protocol, our chairman has been talking to several other chairmen to coordinate some sort of joint effort here. We've made the commitment to go for it and do it - it's just going to take time for everybody to be able to get together and do what we all want to do.”

Scott said that until the meeting, “We are still at a standstill,” but he expected there to be an agreement between tribal officials. Scott said he would be releasing the announcement as to the final decisions made by the tribes after the meeting.

“Granted that all of the leaders of the tribe come together and all can come to an agreement,” he said.

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