Viewers Respond to Dr. Phil Episode About Baby Veronica Custody Battle: Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show


 In response to yesterday's episode of the Dr. Phil Show that attacked the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and undermined the significance of Native children remaining in their tribe and being immersed in their culture, a grassroots campaign to "Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show" was started on Facebook.

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The mission of the Facebook campaign is to hold "Dr. Phil McGraw accountable by boycotting until he agrees to have a show where QUALIFIED experts discuss ICWA's importance.

A handful of comments posted to the "Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show" Facebook page follow:

"I thought he was suppose to help matters? , this ONE hour show didnt help or change anything., all that went on was judging and arguing over the color of the baby, we are not the bad people. We never were, that child was not stolen, they stole our children along time ago, from every tribe and we still get the horrible side of everything."

"I though that thete no racist view on your show, Dr.Phil?.really? How dare all of you to use the race card! Is that your sense of entitlement; to take what you want without asking? Even when you are being asking to give it back? Shame on All of you n the the audience for shameing those 2 lil boys of who they are. Mr. locator, do you think running n hiding with a child is scarey. Well maybe those alarms of your wrongful action. do you think these children will come to you with broken hearts in their hands, wanting you to find their real families, in 20 years. Pure selfishness, webs of lies and deceipt. SO This how you want to raise their in your so called -"loving families"?"

"At a minimum, Dr Phil should have read the 30+ page South Carolina Supreme Court's opinion UPHOLDING the lower courts decision to return the child and the 30+ page dissent. Dr Phil showed a complete disrespect for Indian tribes. The only ignorant racists I watched were Dr Phil and his guests attacking Nimmo and Marsten. And where was the mother who placed the child for adoption?!"

"Please share this page in every group that you can, especially non-Native ones. We need mothers, fathers, bowlers, basketball players, etc. Your right to your child is a natural inalienable right. This Dad was not an unfit parent. He never got a chance. TELL EVERYONE YOU WENT TO SCHOOL WITH, WORK WITH, ETC" "I am white and married to a Native. We have a daughter, I am trying hard to teach her as much as I can about her Native culture. Native children, whether full or half, need to know their culture!!"

"I think this is just a shame. This reminds me how Non-tribal people tried to make the State of Maine think we wanted to uproot them (when they realized the State was mostly ours) and said our trauma has NOTHING to do with today's reality. ICWA was enacted to hep protect First Nations SOVERIGN tribes from further genocide. We DECIDE! This is ignorant interference in an ILLEGAL adoption."

To view more comments, visit the "Boycott the Anti-Native American Dr. Phil Show" Facebook page and the Dr. Phil Message Board.

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marap's picture
Submitted by marap on
Adoption agencies routinely do NOT include the father's information when sending notices to tribes asking if the child being sold for adoption is part of the tribe. I've seen this first-hand. I'm sorry but tribal membership cannot be determined with only one parent's information. He turned this into a "racist" issue but it's not. All children (native or not) should have rights to their biological families, their identities, their culture (native or not). But they want to make this a native issue instead of addressing the bigger issue: Father's rights in this country are irrelevant when it comes to adoption. The mother is given all the power. Men have to shell out large sums of money to fight these adoption in court, many men decide not to because they don't have the money. I'm 43 years old. I don't know if I'm native or not. The State of California bastardized me in 1969 for adoption. My father was never told of my existence and his parental rights were terminated without him even knowing he had a daughter. This immoral act happens every day all around this country. Children should not be stripped-mined from the families to provide infertile people, with money, babies.

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Submitted by victoriaburnett on
Show Dr. Phil that this won't stand... #boycottdrphil

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Submitted by ppmickey on
Let's face the facts. The first fact is that Dr. Phil has so many of his own personal problems that he's often an unfit father screaming at his own children. Then he comes on TV as an expert in parenting? Give us a break! He is obviously biased in his opinions of the Indian Child Welfare Act. He simply doesn't give a crap about it. He's so full of himself that it's a wonder people bother to listen to his show at all. I, for one, won't listen to his shows and rarely watched them anyway after having seen how he treats his own children. This was widely publicized and I'm sure very embarrassing to him. He should be ashamed. He should have read up on the Indian Child Welfare Act. It's a shame that Dr. Phil came out wantonly displaying his agreement against the Native father getting his child back to raise. What a shame in this day and age. It's more Native genocide at work, more assimilation. This is a nation and people still denying Native Americans their rights. I'm only 1/8th Native, but it's the Natve side of me and the retired Children Services Social Worker in me that really gets angry when things like this happen. It's time the government made better choices for our Native Americans and that the rest of the population learn to live with it and respect it. Otherwise there will be more sexual assaults, more violence and more negative decisions made against Native Americans who are struggling to live within this society.

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Submitted by basnavely on
As a trans-racial adoptee raised in a White-Euro household and community, I find this psychologist-cum-entertainer's showmanship offensive.

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Submitted by andre on
Sad that this guy has grown old, fat and rich for the past 30 years giving out poor advice. We can thank Oprah Winfrey for introducing us to this television psychologist. He is not Native and most of the thought processes he employs are products of the same mind-set that sanctioned and upheld the Manifest Destiny and the Doctrine of Discovery.

greenriverkate's picture
Submitted by greenriverkate on
This is exactly why this law was passed. Many of my friends were put in foster care and lost much of their culture and have regretted it since. These children are Native and need to know their culture, their history, their roots. So many of them grew up feeling of not belonging and didn't know why. They felt alone. We all fought hard for this law for this very reason. I will boycott Dr. Phil since his staff nor himself bothered to find out WHY THIS LAW WAS PASSED and the history of Nations. He has zero understanding of Natives, reservations or the People. I am livid. I have Native children, their dad was Native and I have raised my kids to have pride in who they are and the history of their tribe. Now I am trying to teach my 4 grandkids about their history. Three of them are almost full but of 4 tribes so that one is hard but I know which tribe they identify with so that is the important one they should be taught about and it is their mother's tribal affiliation. They live on her reservation and their dad's reservation is in another state but I can still EDUCATE them about that tribe. I just have no words for this as it was such a fight to get that law in place to protect the children. I am sick and tired of Natives being stomped on as unimportant in this country! It is also the white man's history, one I would be ashamed of. It never stops. Yah, I know whites say it was in the past but IT ISN'T. All the hate continues. Natives fight hard for their identity, for their history, for their pride and it isn't easy! Some try and act white and stomp on Native religion, native beliefs, native medicine and it shows they have no idea that the white man got many meds from Native medicine. I am so sorry we haven't gotten further in our own history. I didn't watch the show and am glad I didn't. I get plenty pissed of when I see such ignorance from a so called educated man and ignorant whites. Native children must know their own identity and history

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Submitted by soundstep on
Dr Phil is the new Jerry Springer show, a know it all blowhard, has hurt many families, in general a arrogant low class pr**k

ppmickey's picture
Submitted by ppmickey on
LOL!! You do have a way with words, but you have made such a good point. Good for you :-)

Christina Falch's picture
Christina Falch
Submitted by Christina Falch on
I´m in chok how that law is soooo not for the child. I don´t care what color the child is. If the mother don´t want her and has chosen the new family. The father has to stay away - Black, white, indian or yellow for that matter. He shouldn´t have anything to say - they were not married. I´m in chok how much these indians can mess things up. I don´t have anything against them, but time has changed alot so be a part of the real world. They can´t make their own rules and think that other people will to bow for them. I´m sooo mad that the little girl has to go through all this trauma because of a stubit law that is to old!

A Vaaldek's picture
A Vaaldek
Submitted by A Vaaldek on
Watching Dr. Phil right now and sooooo shocked and disgusted. The two attorneys of tribal law did an amazing job of to explain the rites of tribal governance. What I heard was whole lot 'indian' being thrown around by incredibly ignorant individual who made no attempt to acknowledge what these incredibly intelligent professional were trying to explain. "Do they look indian?" Are you kidding me????! Those kids have right to a home free of prejudice and the opportunity to learn about their own culture. "Was the reservation of interest to you?" WTH? Of course it's not when you've been raised with that contempt for that culture. The judge hit the nail on the head when he said when an adoption occurs both parents need to be party to the legal implications. It sounded like Veronica's birth mother skirted behind the father's back and gave his child away.

chris jack  mother betty chosa jack 's picture
chris jack mot...
Submitted by chris jack mot... on
my mother was part of that act getting that law passed she flew out to washington with i believe 11 othere tribes to help native children she is now 80 yrs old and is raising kids great grand children u should talk to her

chris jack  mother betty chosa jack 's picture
chris jack mot...
Submitted by chris jack mot... on
my mother was part of that act getting that law passed she flew out to washington with i believe 11 othere tribes to help native children she is now 80 yrs old and is raising kids great grand children u should talk to her

Gail Griller's picture
Gail Griller
Submitted by Gail Griller on
Most everyone knows that I have loved the Dr. Phil show, not that I always agree with him and his cocky attitude with his troubled guest. However yesterday I was not at home when his program came on so thank God I didn't see it. But My phone lit up and some on FB about the Native American children. I am as white as they come, My dad was a half breed and my first husband a full blood so there fore I have 2 children of my own and a bunch of grandkids and greats and 1 great great. I am 72 years old and would fight a circle saw over any of them. I have been to the rez and ministered to the children there. I went back to the Nation last year for thanksgiving and cried like a baby when it was time to leave and head back to Texas. I have done everything in my power to keep all of my grand kids informed about their culture. WE have the Bible of Natives, song book and a book to teach them the language, tribal membership, CDIB cards and to Okla. to meet the chief have their pics made with him. As for me and my house we are not ashamed to be Native Americans

Kim Halvorson's picture
Kim Halvorson
Submitted by Kim Halvorson on
I was shocked to find that dr Phil is a racist. He doesn't even understand the subject of natives, their rights and the history of abuse here. this day, to find an educated man that is so blind to the real facts of what it means to be native saddens and angers me. what part of sovereign nation is unclear?