Vincent Schilling
The Native American Women Warriors will air at 6 p.m. EST on the CBS Evening News and will highlight their week’s activities.

Native American Women Warriors Receive Mainstream National Coverage on CBS

Vincent Schilling
January 21, 2013


The Native American Women Warriors, an all Native American women’s color guard, consisting of female veterans from all branches of service, have received National and mainstream media coverage on their participation in the 2013 Inaugural festivities.

Over the past week, CBS and other news organizations have followed the NAWW group as they have made their way to Washington D.C. to participate specifically in the American Indian Society Inaugural Ball and Powwow and the Inauguration Parade of re-elected President Barack Obama.

The story will air at 6 p.m. EST on the CBS Evening News and will be the last story of the evening highlighted their week’s activities.

According to CBS correspondent Byron Pitts, “We were looking for a story to do about a group participating in the inaugural parade and the Native American women warriors seemed to be a perfect fit. It is a story that probably most Americans didn't know. I think one of my lines in the story was, "all of them have different stories of struggle that led to great success."

After meeting with and interviewing the group Pitts said the NAWW were women of distinction. Including the groups leader’s Mitchelene Bigman a former U.S. Army Sergeant First Class and former U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Julia Kelly.

In the two years since the inception of the group, they have traveled all over the U.S. They were in the 91st Annual NYC Veterans Day parade of 2010 and presented the colors as part of the “Band of Pride Tribute” in Times Square while in regalia in 2011. Most recently, the group appeared at the White House for the National Tribal Summit on December 5th.

“I thought all of the women were incredibly impressive in their own right because of their service to our nation, because of their humility and graciousness with us, which was impressive. During the event itself, I found it very moving and there is a tremendous sense of family and pride that I think regardless of one's culture, anyone can appreciate the strength and conviction that existed in that room,” he said.

“I think in their story, and within the story of these Native American women is a wonderful American story,” said Pitts. “We were looking for a place to tell that.”

The story, which runs tonight, will show footage of the American Indian Society’s 2013 Inaugural Ball and Powwow and footage of their participation in the 2o13 Inaugural Parade.


What time will this air toning??

Very Honored To watch You In Washington DC Megwetch .


I appreciate Vincent Schilling's sensitive and well written article here on NAWW. It is about time that Native American Women Warriors receive the honor and acknowledgements they deserve and I am excited to see this footage tonight on CBS.

Great news!!!!!!!

I am so moved and proud to have you as veteran sisters. I can say no more. You move my spirit to tears unspeakable. Thank you. D. Meindok, Esq. (USN, MM3, Operation Desert Storm).

Thank you, Ladies.

we need more of this!!

Pride comes in many forms, and as a fellow veteran, I salute your service, and your work for recognition. Keep up the good work.

What a beautiful tribute to the women warriors who represent all of the military forces! I am so proud of all that you have done for serving this country and representing the Native American people.

So proud of these women. Native American veterans are the pride of our tribes and have a special place in our hearts. They defend our home land.

This should be on front pages across Amercia....once again news of the American Indian is put of the back page or not at all.
Thank you to these awesome woman!

Thank You, Ladies for your service to our Country.

I saw this whole story on the 630 CBS News, and it was AWESOME!!!! This story should be re-played over again on ALL TV STATIONS and a story should be done on the HISTORY CHANNEL so that EVERYONE will know about this!!

awsome! where is the footage?

awsome! where is the footage?

Lululululu!!! My heart jumped into my throat with pride! Women warriors have been with us forever, and not the rest of you can
cheer them on, too.1

How about a Native American Woman for President! Afterall, the tribal nations were the "original" Americans.

Badass. Makes me proud to be a female.


Thank you CBS (I have always loved you) for showing, following, and understanding the story of the wonderful & beautiful native women. Their story has been needed to be told. Also, if you find it in your heart to start finding
the unique and wonderful and gripping stories the men have to offer in the future.
Thank you once again CBS. Good job.

the video is archived on

truly appreciates, the story, and I think they were looking beautiful!!

truly appreciates, the story, and I think they were looking beautiful!!


From us Ogiichidag Ikwe(Warrior Women) here on the Red Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota, we are so proud of these Women. In this 21st Century, we are all one People. Miigwetch(thanks) Victoria Irons Graves, Kim Pemberton Kingbird

I watched them on the t.v. and just got the chills they were so awesome!! It makes us all very proud!! Great job women!!

Creator bless each and every one of you.
Wado, Waya Unega...

mitchelene big man is my relative :D yah buddie native women warriors whoop hook