Native American at Anti-Immigration Protest: 'You're All Illegal'


Beware pissed-off Indians—especially the ones pushing strollers.

At a rally in Tucson, protesters who were apparently voicing their disdain for illegal immigants got an earful from a Native who may just have reached his breaking point. In the video below, a man with a child in a stroller engages the crowd, and doesn't mince his words:

"You're all fucking illegal!" he says.

"We didn't invite none of you here," he continues. "Get on with your bogus argument."

He also points to the American flag and says it "stands for all the Native Americans you killed to plant your houses here."

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Brede's picture
Submitted by Brede on
He's speaking the truth. ...I guess I want to add that until we Euro-North Americans make proper amends ---as defined by First Nations' peoples! --- and act in solidarity for a new and just relationship, then we have no moral ground to stand on regarding 'home' in general. And I would hope that hunting down desperate people living amongst us 'citizens' is never considered okay, either.

Submitted by TORY WILLIAMS on

christy's picture
Submitted by christy on
Wow ! That maybe b the straight up truth ...... but , wat can we do about that huh?

valinda streett's picture
valinda streett
Submitted by valinda streett on
true, but what is ,is, and there is nothing i can do about what happened,in the american wars , past treaties that have been broken i cant even help that im here,i had no part of being here.what is ,is. get over it and move on, and be thankful that you have a heritage and a people. i m just me.

Birgitta Segerblad 's picture
Birgitta Segerblad
Submitted by Birgitta Segerblad on
Hellt right of native peopel it is their country and I hope that they will one day get back all their rights and to be treated respectfully light and love and prayers to all the native american <3

NDN's picture
Submitted by NDN on
Agree with him. Except we are not "Native Americans" - we are Navajo, Lakota or whatever. Not any form of hyphenated Americans.

Mike Kohr
Mike Kohr
Submitted by Mike Kohr on
Give that man an eagle feather. Funny how when confronted with the truth the anti-immigrant protesters scurried away like cockroaches from the light.

Wayne Haugen's picture
Wayne Haugen
Submitted by Wayne Haugen on
That man speaks the truth, I am ashamed of how the true Native Americans have been treated on their land by the WASPS and still are. How can we be so cruel?

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on
Anybody THINK to ask the child her views? No issues with man confronting protesting AGAINST illegal immigration, but to have the young child in the middle of a SENSITIVE issue was un-called for? I would be MORE concerned over those "Illegals" working as hired-guns for Tribal Governments as attorneys, for IHS as Doctors, for self-proclaimed "social-activists" who spend time with the natives and write books of natives and become experts. In other words the Tony Hillerman's, and Indian Trial attorneys, etc. Lots of these "illegals" to Indian Lands need to get kicked out of the Tribal Governments and pushed back into the REAL US/American world of competing.

Nena's picture
Submitted by Nena on
This is the result of an unbroken spirit Native American talking and showing "The Truth" to the rest of the disrespectful so called "Americans". Dam if we do and dam if we don't.

Rob Draper's picture
Rob Draper
Submitted by Rob Draper on
I have been hearing for years that the first illegals came here after Cristobal Columbo , and some say Ericson preceded him. I agree 100% with the Native.

Whitebuck's picture
Submitted by Whitebuck on
This guy is acting like an idiot, which reflects badly on all Native Americans. He should of been helping stop the influx of illegal-immigrants. Which are a societal blight, expediting the destruction of the working class in America! We must never act like babbling fools, for this benefits none!

Meshika's picture
Submitted by Meshika on
We are illegal huh? Native Americans have always been d bags toward Mexicans when believe it or not us Mexicans are more Native Indegina blood than most Native Americans in the USA. So this Nazi should correct his stance and quit descriminating against what is a more full blooded Indio population than his deteriorated people. The Meshika homeland is around arizona and new mexico then we migrated to Tenochtitlan. The Ute and Hopi are related peoples to us Meshika why dont you tell them stuff too. Uto Aztec peoples. Tired of Nazi a holes like this guy point your hate toward the white man not us Meshika.

Tsillie/Zuni Nation's picture
Tsillie/Zuni Nation
Submitted by Tsillie/Zuni Nation on
Too bad the truth can be removed so easily, when they make a big deal out of the jewish holocaust when 100 milion natives have died due to columbus landing infesting us with their genocide, greed, destruction of the environment, cultures, and properties

southern californian's picture
southern californian
Submitted by southern californian on
The video is disabled. I can speak from a personal experience with illegals. I worked at a boatyard. The illegals took my work check-in card, and crumbled it and threw it away. The supervisor didn't do anything about it. At another time, as I was working on something, they called out negative remarks as they passed by. The supply person told me that about $800 worth of supplies would be missing monthly. I was to witness part of this, as I came in early one morning. There, in the fog, were some illegals loading the back of a large vehicle with something the size of a large tv. When they became aware of my presence, the vehicle zoomed off in the fog. They also took naps in the afternoon in the privacy of the yachts they were supposed to be working. Around here in Southern California, they have taken over all the service jobs. They use the race card to get those; but they scream "racists!" if they don't get their way. And the irony, is that they're as racist, if not more so, than any redneck. That's why rednecks love them! The truth cannot be suppressed, forever. The day will come when the truth will come to light!

Jeff Williams's picture
Jeff Williams
Submitted by Jeff Williams on
He's right ... Maybe we should be thankful for the "INJUSTICE" of the non-Indians. After all where WE be?

debby Hamidian's picture
debby Hamidian
Submitted by debby Hamidian on
We just now add the Native American Women to VAWA. 2013, we do something for their protection. They're rejoicing. I'm happy for them and bitter because it has taken so long. Still, there were Republicans against for fear of Americans being arrested. Yea, the ones that have been raping them and getting by with it. Now, it's illegal so they will be picked up and prosecuted!!!

Debby Hamidian's picture
Debby Hamidian
Submitted by Debby Hamidian on
It's shameful that the Natives are the last receiving rights. They are a 4th world (no structured government protection). Yet, we expose what happens in the 3rd worlds all the time and proud to be Americans, land of the free. What hypocrites we are. The crimes against Native American Women have been just as heinous.