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Anonymous has compiled public information, to bring further attention to violence against aboriginal women with the creation of this map marking cases across Turtle Island.

Anonymous Creates Map of Turtle Island's Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

February 06, 2013

The online hacker group Anonymous has turned its attention to Canada’s missing and murdered women, compiling a map from police reports and online public input that designates each case across Turtle Island for the past 10 years with a glaring red circle.

Special attention is given to Thunder Bay, Ontario, CBC News said. There, police are investigating the kidnapping and assault of an indigenous woman as a possible hate crime. A 19-year-old Oji-Cree youth has come forward to bear witness to the grabbing of the woman in the December 27 attack, according to CBC News, and to the fact that the perpetrators hurled racial epithets and pelted him with various objects from their vehicle as he walked along the road.

The murder and disappearance of hundreds of aboriginal women over the past two decades has caused an international outcry and sparked demands from indigenous leaders for a national inquiry into why many of these crimes go unsolved. The map was released on February 5



Cindy Faircloth
Submitted by Cindy Faircloth on

It is just unspeakable what ignorance, prejudice, hate, cruelty, bullying, fear, doing to the innocent!!!

Cha-Ele's picture
Submitted by Cha-Ele on

Why does this map stop at the US/Mexico border? I know for a fact that indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing in Mexico, too. And it's definitely part of Turtle Island! "Borders" are political boundaries created by the invaders of Turtle Island. We are still all the Human Beings. Tragedies such as our murdered/missing women should unite us, not divide us.

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Submitted by indianmedicine on

These are known as "Hard / Cold cases" due to the lack of Usable Leads -OR- Tangible Evidence. These Cases are within the Jurisdictions of INTERPOL, & US / Canada Law Enforcement & "Behavioral Science Forensic Investigation Divisions". More credence is given to the category of "Paranormal Investigations" using Certified "Clairvoyant Mediums" who are Professionally Aware of the Legal Requirements of Criminal Evidence, and the effects of "Trace Evidence" that may lead Criminal Investigations to successful Closure; not only for Law Enforcement - but Families. I would suggest that Tribal Counsel, and Elders explore this option in the Interest of Justice and Peace & Good Order of the Tribe,Band, or Nation. I would also suggest that the "Medicine People" of each be included in this effort - as they are very aware of Cultures of The People which will add to the Case Investigation. - Justice Delayed, Is Justice Denied- With Respects,

Submitted by Joelle on

I am so thank full as a surviving runaway native girl in the 1980's that I made it .

Submitted by terrisquires on

I will never forget Betty Jean Osborne which occurred in the 80' s I think and has been going on since the Spaniards arrived on America--it's not new and it's men who perpetuate these crimes--the rich white men perpetuate murder by keeping poor people from medical, mental heath care-NICE

Two Feathers
Submitted by Two Feathers on

The reason they don't show the rest of the map of Central and South America, the red dots will fill the oceans on both sides.

Submitted by Gil on

Il faut continuer à lutter contre le laxisme de l'Etat concernant ses disparitions ,c'est honteux pour le Canada!La pire forme de RACISME!!

Submitted by BB on

1. This map should include Mexico.
2. 'Turtle Island', while well-intentioned, excludes the numerous names for the continent used by other indigenous nations.
Excellent map; I strongly praise the efforts of the person who composed and published it. Shared.

Submitted by Anonymous on

i don't know if im right Anon,,but im getting a shiver,,that I do not get very often,,this is more that A person,,, this is a group doing this,,i don't know how i know,,its a feeling im getting,,i don't get it often,just when i know something is right,,,and theres something very not right about this,,,thank U ANON,,John Mulroy

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Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

This is exactly why I tell others everywhere I go to never travel alone & always have others with you. There are evil ones out all the time everywhere. Usually those looking to harm someone leave a group of people alone for good reason. Be safe people everywhere in our territories. Evil ones are always looking for a weak & vulnerable person to harm.

No certain age or gender is safe from these evil ones. We as First Nations people have to look out for our community families everywhere we go. In groups we have power. The more eyes we have out here in our native communities the safer we can be.

Take care brothers & sisters everywhere while out & about. Stay safe & stay smart my friends.

Two Bears Growling Buffalo's Thunder