Film Crew Gets a Surprising Visit From Huge Bear


Last month in Manning Park, British Columbia, a film crew was on location shooting the latest commercial for Samsung’s EcoBubble washing machine when a massive bear emerged from the forest and walked onto the set.

Knowing that confronting a wild bear would almost surely lead to an untimely death, the film crew did its best not to panic in hopes that the bear would simply pass through once its curiosity was sated.

Watch this surprising footage with an unexpected twist as the bear makes its way through the film set.  

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Mad Men's picture
Mad Men
Submitted by Mad Men on
This is the new corporation tactic. Advertisement as a story or article. I see it more and more. Now the Media Network Corporation has turned the ICT in a big advertisement, this being the latest and last week the Kellogg Foundation advertisements, several.

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two bloods singing
Submitted by two bloods singing on
I drove to Battle River in Manning and saw a great brown run across the highway on the way into Manning,. It was nothing like this bear though! It didn't stop to visit just kept running!