Vocalist Kahara Hodges, Navajo

The Beautiful Voice of Kahara Hodges, Singing in Navajo Before ASU Basketball Game

March 04, 2013

In Tempe, Arizona, before tip-off of the February 24 Arizona State University women's basketball game versus the University of Arizona, vocalist Kahara Hodges, Navajo, sang the National Anthem in Navajo. It was Native American Heritage night, and Hodges dazzled the crowd with her incredibly beautiful, moving performance; watch here:

According to her Facebook page, Kahara is an original and current member of the Phoenix Indian Centers Navajo singing class known as Dine’ Urban Voices. Since 2007, the group has promoted the preservation and beauty of the Navajo culture and language throughout the valley at multicultural gatherings, native celebrations, and fundraising events to benefit families in need of assistance.

Learn more about Kahara and support the work of this fabulously gifted young Navajo vocalist by visiting her Facebook page; click here.

And here's more of Kahara singing, a mesmerizing cover of the track "Gravity."



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Thank You.

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Hope she is not a party animal and giving herself to men. Hope she keeps herself clean and pure.