Andrew Osokin
Ethereal snowflakes captured by Russian photographer Andrew Osokin in the fleeting instant before they are lost to us forever.

Banish Winter Storm Blues With These Photos of Magnified, Ethereally Delicate Snowflakes

March 06, 2013


It is drummed into us as children that no two snowflakes are alike, and here to prove it is Russian master macro photographer Andrew Osokin, who has immortalized on film a number of these most delicate creations of Mother Earth that adorn our surroundings oh so fleetingly.

As winter bears down on us in yet another storm that is heading east after slamming Chicago and the Midwest, it’s easy to forget the ethereal beauty that lies behind the white stuff. They are gem-like symmetrical perfection, little baubles that personify the transient nature of everything on our precious planet. 

The Moscow-based Osokin posts his photos on the Russian photo website, homing in not just on snowflakes and ice crystals as shown below but also getting up close and personal with insects, plants and a myriad of other creatures. All photographs by Andrew Osokin.