CBS Won't Apologize for 'Drunk Indians' Crack on 'Mike & Molly,' Protests Begin

March 11, 2013

Activist and ICTMN reader Raven Ross has sought resolution to the Mike & Molly situation from CBS -- in vain. And now she's taking her grievances to the street.

The "Mike & Molly situation" refers to an offensive comment made on a recent episode of the show.

"Arizona? Why would I go to Arizona?" said Molly's mother-in-law, played by actress Rondi Reed. "It's nothing but a furnace full of drunk Indians." 

Ross contacted CBS, and here is her report:

CBS/Mike & Molly show are not going to apologize!

I personally received a call back from CBS, Ms. Tiffany Smith Anoai, who told me that no apology would be coming from the Mike & Molly show!

Ms. Anoai said she is "speaking directly with Mike & Molly's writers." I asked, Is the Native voice is present and being heard at these sessions? Her answer: No. But, she said, the writers do attend a once-a-year diversity workshop!

(I bet the writers for Mike & Molly were either asleep, had headphones on, or were engaged in selective hearing!)

Ross is taking action today where she lives, and is hoping that other Natives will do the same.

I have organized in Phoenix, Arizona, today (3/11) an All Tribes Peaceful Anti-Racism Protest at CBS TV station-Channel 5! I recommend that all Native peoples do the same in their hometown.

CBS and the Mike & Molly show are perpetuating 500-plus years of racism, prejudice, and bigotry toward the original landowners and the original inhabitants of great North America! Anti-American Indian sentiment is here and growing throughout the USA. It has come to my attention, from articles published this past year on ICTMN, that Our People have been experiencing heightened racism. Western Society is using their tools of racist stereotyping and continue to engage in cultural and spiritual misappropriation and exploitation through the media to diminish our people to insignificance! It's time to take a stand! No longer shall we be swept under the rug, and dismissed by an insensitive and ignorant segment of western society.

Protest and boycott CBS and the Mike & Molly show now. For our ancestors, yourselves, and future generations of indigenous people everywhere.

In Spirit/Peace



Submitted by Nanawetea on

Do not watch the show, do not succum to alcohol. Do not give fuel that we do not want thrown in our face. Do not drink alcohol, it is our death and our shame. Do not watch the show or purchase the products that support that show.

Pam G
Submitted by Pam G on

Please people! get over yourselves! get a job and occupy yourself with something or someone besides you! You aren't getting tired enough with life if you have this much nervous energy and are even "organizing" others to be offended together in a protest somewhere. Geeze

Billie Jean
Submitted by Billie Jean on

I am so sad that this was said.I was raised in a racial town and it took me years to recover.We truly TRULY need a apology for this horrible situation here.My Mother always said,"Haven't they taken enough from us?" I will NOT watch this show anymore.

mark eagleheart
Submitted by mark eagleheart on

oh's allright.......i love watching obese, non-funny, no-more can see my weenie white boys......makes me so proud of who and what I am!!!!!!

nickarroyave's picture
Submitted by nickarroyave on

Not just Native North American Natives, but Natives everywhere on this continent. the same tactics were used against our people to make us dumb and ignorant of what is really important. Alcohol was a tool used and still used to make our people blind and unobservant of what is really going on. This is the crisis in Indian Country that we need to turn around. Racist jokes like these do not contribute at all, but only add to the stereotype.

Rebecca Keller
Submitted by Rebecca Keller on

You know what!!!! I think that is absolutely f' ed up!!!! We are not a bunch of drunks!!!! racist pig!!!! I'm really mad!!!!! I'm not a Drunk Indian!!!!!!

Nelle Pingree
Submitted by Nelle Pingree on

The character is the "Archie Bunker" of today. CBS doesn't need to apologize for this...this character would say what she said. The audience understands this.

Southeast Alask...
Submitted by Southeast Alask... on

The best way to get CBS to apologize is too hurt them where it hurts, their pocket book. Boycott the products or write to the companies who advertise on CBS.

Wilson Plain
Submitted by Wilson Plain on

This is the kind of issue that would fit in well with the #idlenomore movement.

Dk Raven
Submitted by Dk Raven on

Why would I want to watch Mike and Molly? Nuthin' but a sh-thole full of fat, mealy-mouthed white folks!

Samantha Sansregret
Submitted by Samantha Sansregret on

I will not be watching Mike and Molly nor any other CBS show as long as there is no apology for these racist comments and no commitment to avoiding such racist behaviour.


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