National Geographic's Kingdom of the Oceans

National Geographic Takes Us Beyond Sharks to Mother Earth’s Ocean Depths


There seem to be as many sharks as spring breakers heading to beaches this season, with thousands of the marine monsters migrating past Florida this week, according to NBC News.

But much more lurks beneath the surface than fins and sharp teeth, as evidenced by the abundance of incredible, marvelous ocean creatures that also deserve the spotlight. Sunday March 10 marked the U.S. premier of National Geographic Channel's Kingdom of the Oceans

Created by filmmakers Jacques Cluzaud and Jacques Perrin with two high-definition cameras, this four-part documentary series follows dozens of underwater species across the globe. Some of this spectacular footage is highlighted here in Kingdom of the Oceans’ Australian trailer:

For more information and background on the series, watch ABC’s coverage here:

Kingdom of the Oceans airs on Sunday nights.

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