Resources for Veterans: Operation Music Aid Provides Musical Instruments to Wounded Vets

March 13, 2013

Operation Music Aid, based in Madison, Connecticut, was founded to supply guitars and keyboards to wounded military service personnel now in military hospitals for extended care. The nonprofit supplies the instruments to the hospitals and they are distributed as needed to assist in physical and psychological rehabilitation, as well as for morale. Operation Music Aid wants to make sure that these young men and women are not forgotten, and their goal is to get an instrument to every one of our heroes who have been injured defending our freedom.

The group is suppported by some of the biggest names in music, including David Crosby, Graham Nash, and Keni Thomas. Acclaimed Native American flutist Joseph FireCrow, Cheyenne,  also backs their work, lending his support to help wounded vets through music.

"There was a time when all young warriors carried the wooden flute," says FireCrow. "In times of joy and sorrow the warrior expressed his love and affection through songs called 'Wolf Songs.' And in times of pain and anguish, these songs soothed his troubled heart!  Warriors healing Warriors, Warriors healing themselves."

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