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Wayland Gray and three others were arrested by Poarch Band police on February 15.

Video: Watch the Arrest of Muscogee Man Held on Terrorist Threat Charges


Save Hickory Ground posted this video of Wayland Gray, a Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen, and three others being arrested to its Facebook page on March 6.

Gray was arrested by the Poarch Band’s police on Friday, February 15, along with Mike Harjo and Michael Deo, also Muscogee Creeks from Oklahoma, and a man who identified himself as a Cherokee Indian named Maggot, according to Native News Network, The men had attempted for the second day to go to the Hickory Ground burial site to pray for the Muscogee Creek ancestors who are buried there. The site is currently held in trust by the Interior Department for the Poarch Band.

The four were taken to Elmore County Jail. Harjo, Deo and Maggot were released on bonds of around $450 each, according to Muscogee Nation attorney Brendan Ludwick. But Gray was charged with making a terrorist threat, assigned a $30,000 cash bail, and kept in jail, Ludwick said. Poarch officers said he threatened to burn down the casino. Gray was released on $15,000 bond on February 19 and is scheduled back in court in Wetumpka, Alabama on April 11 to answer a trespassing charge and May 9 to answer the terrorist threat charge.

According to the Save Hickory Ground Facebook post, Gray says: “We will be back. Whenever this casino’s down, we will be back.”

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