Photo courtesy Raven Ross
Raven Ross, in straw hat, gives an interview to the news crew from Phoenix's KPHO Channel 5.

'Mike & Molly' Protester Urges Action and Perseverance

March 14, 2013

When she heard from a CBS representative that the network had no plans to apologize for a racially-insensitive remark made on a recent episode of Mike & Molly, activist Raven Ross  organized a protest of her local CBS affiliate. The quip in question played on stereotypes of Natives as alcoholics. Ross has now contacted ICTMN with an update on her action, which took place on Monday (the day Mike & Molly airs) in Phoenix outside the offices of KPHO Channel 5. 

"We had a small showing, but Channel 5 TV came out and took an interview with us," Ross said. "Channel 5 aired the segment at 5:00 p.m. No other  TV news reporters came out, because we did not inform them. In addition, migrant workers were having a large protest for employment rights at the State Capital at the same time we were conducting ours."

Ross is not deterred. "It's time to move onto Plan B," she says. But will not elaborate: "That's confidential info at this time."

Ross did share a few further thoughts about the situation. "How is it Fox News contributor Tucker Carslon  can apologize for his comments on Wiccans and CBS is not budging for American Indians?" she asked, referring to statements Carlson made two weeks ago.

"Racism is  alive and rearing its ugly head in the  21st Century," Ross continued. "I urge all Natives out there to organize protests to boycott CBS and the Mike & Molly show. Don't let this slide. Keep the fire burning. Send a clear message to all your news networks -- especially CBS affiliates -- that we demand an apology for the racist and stereotypical comment made. This is not a joke. The 22 Arizona tribes are not a joke. The comment was a slap in the face to all the Indigenous peoples of North America."

"The time has come for all Indigenous Nations and those who support them to rise to the occasion," Ross added. "We deserve respect, not indignities. We must strive to restore human dignity."