Nike N7 Ambassador Temryss Lane, Lummi, Featured Guest on Sent Off Soccer Podcast


Former professional and Team USA soccer player and current on-air personality for both Fox Soccer Channel and Fox Sports Network Temryss Lane, Lummi Nation, joined Nick and "Jersey" George on this week's Sent Off Soccer podcast. The trio discussed U.S. national coach Jurgen Klinsmann and the U.S.'s upcoming World Cup qualifier matches.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Lane is a Nike N7 Ambassador, and as her official bio states, as a Native American, she’s taken on the responsibility to both inspire and break down stereotypes within her community. She is determined to create a new narrative as it relates to American Indians and empowerment for woman globally. An inspiration to many, she remains active in the Native American community, working with young people to inspire and empower them to fulfill their dreams.

Here's a short video profile of Lane:

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Lisa Anderson
Submitted by Lisa Anderson on
This is such an amazing tribute to women everywhere! I have two daughters, and I admire all the work you do for the "under the radar" subcultures...women, and Native Women!!