The Monocacy River is named for what the Shawnee called it, Monnockkesey, or "river with many bends."

Tuscarora Historian to Discuss Natives in the Potomac Valley


A section of the Frederick County, Maryland tourism website——focuses on the area’s rich Native American history.

It even features a video that points out that the Monocacy River is known to the Shawnee as “the river of many bends.”

The history of the area’s Native people’s will be discussed more in depth tomorrow, March 26 when Vince Schiffert, a historian and teacher from Niagara Falls, New York, gives a lecture about his Tuscarora Indian Nation. He’ll discuss the Tuscarora War of 1713 and why his tribe trekked north to what would become Frederick County, as well as the tribe’s acceptance into the Iroquois Confederacy.

The lecture will be held at the Frederick Visitor Center, 151 S. East St., in Frederick, Maryland. For more information call 301-600-2888.

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