Video: Now Pitching for the Brewers, Star Native Pitcher Kyle Lohse: 'This Is a Team That Will Be Successful, That I Can Help Out'


Forget about everything that's happened this off-season except that Kyle Lohse, Nomlaki Nation, is now a Milwaukee Brewer.

Forget about how long it took for the star free agent to land a new team. Forget about his ruthless superagent complaining about the new free-agency rules, which he blames for the worrisome delay in gettting a deal done. Forget that Boras got Lohse a contract $12 million less than he sought.  Forget about all that.

It's time to play ball.

"This is a team that will be succesful, that I can help win," Lohse said of the Brewers in an interview after signing his new three-year, $33 million deal. 

Watch the full interview here.

And catch ESPN's Jerry Crasnick give his take here

Lohse, 16-3 with a 2.86 ERA as a St. Louis Cardinal in 2012, was the last major free agent left on the market. It’s not clear if the right-hander will be ready to join the Brewers’ rotation for the beginning of the regular season, although he has been throwing simulated games in recent weeks. The Brewers open their season Monday, April 1, at home against the Colorado Rockies.

Fox Sports's John Paul Morosi notes that the Brewers surrendered the 17th overall draft pick (and the associated signing allowance) in order to sign Lohse. The Cardinals, meanwhile, have been compensated with a pick immediately after the first round of the June draft.

Lohse was 55-34 with a 3.90 ERA in five season with the Cardinals. Now he'll be regularly competing against his former club in the tough National League Central division. Projected to finish third, behind the Cincinnati Reds and the Cards, Milwaukee has a solid club that could roar if Lohse stays to form and pitches as he has the last two seasons, during which he won a World Series.

Let's play ball.


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Marcella Mansell's picture
Marcella Mansell
Submitted by Marcella Mansell on
Way to go! We are all behind you. Your personal cheering squad from Corning, CA

Marcella Mansell's picture
Marcella Mansell
Submitted by Marcella Mansell on
From Corning, CA, Your home area cheering squad. Let's play some ball!!