'Polar Bear Reverie' by Nathalie Parenteau, from the 2012 Native-themed issue of UNITY Magazine

UNITY Magazine Seeks Artwork by Creative Natives


For the November 2013 issue of UNITY Magazine, a publication distributed for free at corporate and university dining establishments, publishers Picture That LLC and Thompson Hospitality are soliciting artwork by American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. Picture That publishes nine themed issues of UNITY annually. To view an archive of past issues of UNITY, visit picture-that.com/ThompsonHospitality/index.html. The correspendence sent to ICTMN includes the following request:

We are searching for a variety of unique objects including baskets, ceramics, sculpture and items made from glass or clay. We are also interested in photography and paintings.

Additionally, the following submission instructions are given:

If you are interested in having your work featured in UNITY, email the required materials below by April 26, 2013 to gallerymanager@picture-that.com

Please format the subject of your EMAIL as follows: INDIAN_LastNameFirstName_THArt
For example: INDIAN_DoeJane_THArt

1. Five digital jpg files of artwork to be considered; 350 dpi or greater (~3"5" in size). Name the jpg files the same as artwork.
2. Artist Bio and Artist Statement
3. Artist Photo

Contact us with questions via email at gallerymanager@picture-that.com with the subject of your email being the same as indicated above.

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Erick Nakai
Submitted by Erick Nakai on
Are you accepting any digital art. I am a New Media Graduate from The Institute of American Indian. Arts New Media

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