Snoop Lion in the video for 'Blowed' by Native rapper Chief

Chief Enlists Snoop Dogg and Pocahotties for 'Blowed' Music Video

April 04, 2013

Fans of rapper Snoop Dogg, these days known as Snoop Lion, had reason to be excited today -- the single "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks," featuring Miley Cyrus and produced by Major Lazer, was released online.

It's an interesting tune, but in Indian country a different track might become a topic of discussion and perhaps heated debate.

Snoop is the guest vocalist on "Blowed," a single by Native rapper Josh "Chief" Hill, off his EP Smoke Signals. Chief, who grew up on the Six Nations Reserve according to RealHipHopDaily, won a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award in 2008 for his video "Big Boi Boppin." Here's the video for his new song:



Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

Someone besides this individual who does nothing but promote illicite, illegal & trashy lifestyles, could have been chosen for this video. I find it insulting to see this one pawing on native-looking girls half-clothed & painted up like someone out of a bordello. Put some clothes on girls & act respectable. Stop embrassing this trashy non-native culture. Josh Hill should be ashamed of himself.

Our people have got to break away from this hiphop, trash & negativity. It is not who or what our people are about. This nonsense is one of the number of reasons our young people are being drawn away from our traditional culture.

Our babies need to embrace OUR culture from day one. OUR young people need to be taught our ways & values from the very first day they step into life & then into that classroom to be educated. What we need is immersion programs everywhere. Sadly we do not have enough of our teachers who are qualified due to not knowing our languages as they need to be.

If our future generations are to cling to OUR ways, adults are going to have to be setting the example all the time. NOT just when it suits them or at a pow wow. The best thing we could do is take out cable TV, cut all the nonsense off our native-owned radio & TV stations. Instead, promote our traditional sports, games,clothes & designs, culture, foods, music & values.

Stop trying so hard to be washichus & start living like who & what we are: Proud Native American Indian & First Nations people!

Ogema's picture
Submitted by Ogema on

This is so WRONG it talks about-
Drug Abuse
Abusing Women, along with degrading of our Native Women.
Degrading of our Way of Life as Native People.
How can you post this on your site and we as Native People having CD, MH issues as a people. How does this help our people struggling with addiction not only in US but in Cananda!!!

kiltlady's picture
Submitted by kiltlady on

and we are wondering WHY our ethics are gone, no manners to speak of, no common sense, no guidance on the right path, no self esteem nor thought for others.......I am sorry but we are on the wrong path.......what is happening to our world? Get some self respect for yourself and for others ......sad, sad, sad.

kiltlady's picture
Submitted by kiltlady on

and we are wondering WHY our ethics are gone, no manners to speak of, no common sense, no guidance on the right path, no self esteem nor thought for others.......I am sorry but we are on the wrong path.......what is happening to our world? Get some self respect for yourself and for others ......sad, sad, sad.

Rachel Kee's picture
Rachel Kee
Submitted by Rachel Kee on

One word for this video and this so called "chief" DEGRADING on the native people and the culture!! guess this is what you call a sell out just for money! SMH this is so sad :(

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Submitted by PAULA SINGH on


Terra Moore Tallbear .'s picture
Terra Moore Tal...
Submitted by Terra Moore Tal... on

Being a Lakota from south Dakota .
This video has to Disrespect or Offending NativeAmerican.
Doe it's not little white girl playing acts of being Native .
Or has anything to with cowboys killing and Chasing natives.

It's about Snoop Doggy Dogg. Believing in promoting and native American Musical artist helping him in Musical industry of rap .

Love the Video and hope to be able to see !!!
Snoop Doggy Dogg . Work and Promote new found Native artist is an actress

Victoria Parker's picture
Victoria Parker
Submitted by Victoria Parker on

Another way to stereotype our people. This video is so disrespectful to the Native community. What kind of message does he think he's sending? Obviously he didn't think at all. He may have Native blood but he just sold out. There's nothing about this video, or his actions, that support traditional values. This is the kind of role model we don't want for our children. I'm disgusted.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

I like it

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

I like it

Animikii Music Group.'s picture
Animikii Music ...
Submitted by Animikii Music ... on

Indian Country Today should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such derogatory music that hypersexualizes native american women with disrespect.

Nothing good about this Video.

smarter than you snoop's picture
smarter than yo...
Submitted by smarter than yo... on

1st off..i would like to say..the name change "Snoop Lion" sayz it would have to be high and down right out of your mind to call yourself that name "snoop Lion" disrespect us natives with this song and video..and you sell out your own people like the white man sell us out for the "almighty dollar" and your mother should be ashamed! Your discust us!!!

Coyote's Bro's picture
Coyote's Bro
Submitted by Coyote's Bro on

Yes, young people living out and away from the URBAN non-stop violence and police hassles may be drawn to the artifical TV HIpHop LOGO's on my clothes and shoes fantasy, and maybe the NATIVE MOB gang helped fund this and not to feel "old-fashioned" and corn ball the "boyz" see this as their way of feeling connected and swag-important, BUT it's to be expected--what do they really know of their roots? Their language? The way to seek a meaningful releationship with a mate? Snoop Liar is funded by who? Who is his agent? What's his name? NDN's don't have enough time for these distractions.

Bobette R Traul's picture
Bobette R Traul
Submitted by Bobette R Traul on

I hated it.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

I think it's kinda cool. If a guy can make money doin something that he loves, more power to him. He's being himself and he's not hurting anyone. Natives are always quick to judge another native (especially from a different tribe) if they think that they are wrong. I see it all the time. None of us are perfect. But if you gotta point the finger and say that's the bad guy, then I think there are a lot worse people out there that you could be pointin the finger at.

Indian summer's picture
Indian summer
Submitted by Indian summer on

This video is all about SEX-DRUGS-T/A=Mindless TRASH!
The native brother & now rasta man are insensitive morons contributing to the
denigration of our proud native culture & strong ancestral women.
Josh should be encouraging the positiveness of our PEOPLE; strength, beauty, and the intellectual wisdom of our ancestors to today's youth & greater society through his art expressionism. A SLAVE, 'not a chief'- WHO KOW-TOWS to selling his soul to the devil for $$$$$. This is the damage White Society has done to our people. Look at our society today, Anything Goes, It is Lawless, Unprincipled, Nothing is Sacred, which use to be sacred. The motto for dominate society is "Let's chew It Up & Spit It Out." Beware-Sodom & Gomorrah has ARRIVED!!!
Another war has destroy our identity, culture, & religion/spirituality so Congress can strip us from our lands and resources resulting in our TERMINATION.
Stand firm my Native Brothers, Sisters, & Relatives, have your VOICE HEARD before its too late... I pray and fight for our SURVIVAL !!!

anonymous's picture
Submitted by anonymous on

This guy is so far away from where he came. The NATIVE AMERICANS do not call there regalia costumes because it is pretending to be someone else, rather than who they actually are. This guy is lost and so are all of the others in this thoughtless video. Native American Women are conservative, not sleezy! Native Americans are beautiful people that are interested in preserving their heritage, and making their ancestors proud. I am embarrassed for you!! Go Find your self! Educate yourselves and learn about other cultures that you are trying to emulate. I apologize to the beautiful native american culture for these idiots!!

Two Bears Growling's picture
Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on

Coyotes bro,

I read your commentary & there is some truth there. However, whose fault is it that these youth of our people are being drawn away from who they truly are? Their parents! Yes, the root of all our problems on the Rez starts in the HOME where there is no discipline & no consequences.

So many want to blame it on this or that, but the real root of the problems are in the home. So many times no one wants to take responsibility for behaviors on the Rez & society in general. I see it happening on & off the Rez, by our people & those not of our people.

So many times I see young parents dropping their kids off at yaya's, aunties or cousins while they go off & party, get drunk, do drugs & whore around. Why do we continue to allow this to happen? It is shameful & disgraceful of our people living in an evil way, behaving like a pack of wild animals with no dignity what so ever.

It is not we elders & relatives responsibility to take care of irresponsible people's children. It is the parents of these children's responsibility. Until we demand these folks put the children the Creator blessed them with as their top priority we will continue seeing irresponsible parents behaving in a shameful & disgraceful ways.

The hiphop culture is nothing but negativity in every single thing it speaks about & promotes. It's nothing but pure trash. It is not what our people are about & it most definitely does not bring praise to the Great Spirit. It promotes evil ways & evil people & their master the Evil One.

Until our people get serious about promoting positive things ALL the time, there will continue to be more of the same shameful & disgraceful things going on among our people here & there.

Elders, yaya's aunties & older cousins, STOP letting those young parents use you as a babysitting service while they go out & behave shamefully & disgracefully. Demand they take care of their children or face the consequences of losing those children. Our children come first in our family, not drinking, drugs, partying & whoring around. Don't be an enabler or you are part of the problem & not part of the solution.

There has to be severe consequences to this bad behavior I see & hear about all over Indian Country instead of making excuses for the same negative lifestyles decade after decade. Parents, elders, grandparents, aunties & uncles & older cousins needs to get back to their roles as the disciplinarians as it was in the days of our ancestors.

It used to be you had better not be acting in a shameful or disgraceful way or someone, some where, was going to catch you & would deal with you accordingly. Someone was ALWAYS looking after our children & made sure they were bringing pride to their people in a good way. You just didn't get away with bad things.

To get back to the road of healthy & happy families, we have to return to the past for the answers. It's ALL there if our people will just seek it.

Ms Print's picture
Ms Print
Submitted by Ms Print on

There are too many people, including us human beings, who act like they have no ancestors. Enough said.

softbreeze's picture
Submitted by softbreeze on

I think it's very irresponsible for a native person to be glamorizing and promoting these kinds of values. I don't care if it's for money. It's wrong. It's damaging to ALL young people, especially native young people. The kind of values being demonstrated in this video are nothing but a dead end for youth. You can do better than that.

masa's picture
Submitted by masa on

Snoop (Dog) Lion supposedly got beat up when he went to Jamaica, recently. The reason being something like, "Ya fake rasta come an dis man culture!"
I’m don’t mean to imply that NDN’s should beat him when he comes around. Just recognize him for what he does (womanizing/porn, irreverence/cultural theft etc.)

And don’t forget that NDN brother hosting him on his (c)rap video. Chief? He needs to quit leading youth astray with his irresponsible activities. Go visit an elder or something.

Anonymous's picture
Submitted by Anonymous on

I don't see any Native Americans in this video. I see individuals who have no respect for their bodies, spirits, no respect for their culture, traditions. Try flaunting yourselves at a traditional ceremony in those skimpy clothes. To the male white/black singers, there are parents out here who care about their children and do not want them defiling their bodies with bad smoke. How come the women all have blue or gray eyes?

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Submitted by MUKWA on





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