Courtesy Sequoyah Schools
Sequoyah Schools students Whitney Roach, Sinihele Rohades and Onendanega Rhoades brought home a combined nine awards from the National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair.

Sequoyah Schools Students Win at National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair


This year’s National American Indian Science and Engineering Fair was a successful one for Sequoyah Schools students. A total of nine awards were brought back to Oklahoma by two Sequoyah Schools Middle School students and one Sequoyah Schools Immersion student from the fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Whitney Roach, Cherokee, an eighth-grader won third place in the Plant Sciences category for her grade, as well as a first place medal in the Industrial Engineering category for middle school students.

Onendanega Rhoades, another eighth-grader, placed third in Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering for his grade. Onendanega also won one of six IBM Innovation Awards. “Onen shared his findings on the effect of chemically created mirror surfaces and mirror film applied to parabolic glass bowls he created in order to produce a 3D mirage hologram,” reports a press release about the event.

Fifth-grader Sinihele Rohades, Onendanega’s sister, won first place in Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical in her grade. And, just like her brother, she also won one of the IBM Innovation Awards. Her project was an automaton that portrays Uktena from Cherokee legend.

“I hope this brings attention to the need for science in our schools,” Sinihele said in the release. She and her brother are Cherokee, Nez Perce and Seneca.

“The awards received at the 2013 [Science and Engineering Fair] are reflective of the hard work these students put in throughout the year,” Mrs. Davis, Sequoyah Schools Charter School principal, said. The two chaperones for the trip Ms. Teri Rhoades and Mr. George Roach both agreed it was an honor to serve as chaperones and advisors to such a talented group of students.”

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