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The Schimmel Sisters are watching, waiting... Nearby Nashville is hosting the Final Four next year.

Don't Stop Believing: Reflections From Across the Web on the Schimmels and the Cardinals NCAA Title-Game Loss

April 10, 2013

The Louisville Cardinals were beaten last night in the national title game by the UConn Huskies (read more: A Tough End to a Brilliant Season: Louisville and the Schimmel Sisters Fall to UConn in National Title Game), but the tournament talk continues. And well it should. The Louisville ladies, led by the superb Sister Act of Jude and Shoni Schimmel, had an unprecedented run through the 2013 Big Dance, becoming the lowest seed to win a Final Four game and reach the championship game. Here's a quick look at some of the news you can use from around the Web.

Feeling Kentucky, but Looking Tennessee

Not that we're looking ahead, but... The 2014 NCAA women's basketball Final Four will be hosted by Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee. That's about a two-hour drive from Louisville, Kentucky. The Schimmels parents, Rick and Ceci, wouldn't have much time to agree to any elaborate pacts on that brief roadtrip (related story: What Will They Do if Louisville Wins It All?! The Schimmel Sisters Parents Wed, Fulfill Pact After Cardinals Upset Baylor)

You've been Schimmeled

All Things Considered host Melissa Block talks to Corinne Sams, an Umatilla tribal member, and they discuss how the Sisters brought Native pride to the women's NCAA tournament."We use basketball here on our reservation as a tool to promote education and to do positive things with our youth here," Sams says.  "And so it's always been a dominant force. But since the Schimmel girls have been playing Division I basketball, it's exploded into everybody wanting to participate and get to that next level." Read the full interview or listen to the NPR podcast--or both--here.

A Word From Our Shooters

Shoni Schimmel said Connecticut deserved credit for its game plan, including the strategy “to limit my touches and not let me shoot.”She wasn’t disappointed in how she played, she said, because, “We gave it all we had.”

“We had a good run,” Jude said, adding that she and her sister have been grateful for the support from fans, “especially the Native Americans who have come out to support us.”

Some Things Just Might Be Bigger Than Even Basketball

Lindsay Schnell of The Oregonian takes a nice, long look at the influence of the Schimmel Sisters on and in Indian country: "Shoni and Jude Schimmel of Louisville are helping Natives win a bigger game."

"A lot of time when people talk about Natives, they're talking about history books or museums or negative statistics," Nichole Maher, a member of the Tlingit tribe of Alaska and the former executive director of the Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland, tells Schnell. "There are lots of Natives who are in visible positions, but people don't know they're Native. The great thing about Shoni and Jude is that they're willing to tell their whole story and their whole complexity. They're showing people we're here, we're growing -- and we're not going anywhere."

Read the feature here.

Meme Too

From the Facebook page "Shoni Schimmel-Woman Native American Basketball star" comes this, a nice message to keep with us.


Growing Pains

The Associated Press tells us that Shoni, Jude and the rest of the Louisville ladies expect to grow from their NCAA title-game loss. "Shoni Schimmel believes the confidence Louisville gained from being giant-killers during the tournament will carry the Cardinals further next season.

'I think it's us still believing in the fact that we did make it this far and we are losing two seniors,' said Schimmel, referring to the exits of Reid and Shelby Harper. 'But, hey, everybody's coming back, and so that's bad for everybody else because we did make this run at the end of tournament, and it's just going to continue into next season.

'We're just going to get better and grow as a team and learn from this and hopefully be back next year.'"

Read the full article here.




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yes you will be bck next yr and the team will be stronger with expirence. Way to go girls. Cant wait for next yr. I loved seeing natives uniting and supporting the sisters.