'Exxon Hates Your Children' satirical ad has been prevented from airing on local television stations in Arkansas.

Exxon Hates Your Children Satirical Ad Blocked by Exxon in Arkansas—See It Here


Not content with sending the contents of an as-yet-unknown number of barrels of oil flowing through the streets of the ironically named Mayflower, Arkansas, Exxon Corp. has blocked an acidic advertisement from airing on local television.

Titled “Exxon Hates Your Children,” the satirical spot features a three-piece-suited, corporate-looking type detailing the things that Exxon doesn’t care about because its only goal is to make its leaders rich. 

Perhaps the ad simply hits a nerve. Although the company instituted a no-fly zone soon after the spill—ostensibly to keep the air clear for relief vehicles and personnel—activists managed to capture and post some aerial video of the spill’s extent. Others grabbed some footage of the wetland that the viscous bitumin, which comes from the Mordor-like Alberta oil sands of Canada, was supposedly pumped into. It features one scene of a muck-soaked field covered in patches of paper towels. (Related: Arkansas Spill Fuels Arguments for Keystone XL Opponents)

At least the paper towels are “the quilted kind,” as comedic pundit Stephen Colbert put it in his sendup on April 9 that featured clips from the activists’ videos.

Meanwhile, Exxon has admitted not to hating anyone’s children, but to not knowing how much oil from the far north is at this very moment saturating Arkansas’ soil. The state attorney general is investigating and, according to Salon, has asked Exxon to retain all documents and records pertaining to the spill.

“The pipeline rupture is substantially larger than many of us initially thought,” Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel told reporters, according to Salon. “We still do not know how much oil was released. We still do not know the exact makeup of the crude itself, of the chemical solvents used in the transportation process.”

And as is usual with quashed material, the video is getting much more airing than it would have if it had simply run on the Arkansas local affiliates of ABC, NBC, and Fox, according to the digital free-expression-rights site the Electronic Frontier FoundationThat includes here. See it below, and learn more at the site that has spawned the ad’s viral distribution, Exxon Hates Your Children.

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Two Bears Growling
Submitted by Two Bears Growling on
These & others who are destroyers of Mother Earth never want anyone to know all the damage they are doing on a global scale. They lie, cheat & steal all in the name of wealth. GREED is a disease like no other. Governments & corporations alike, have done nothing but lie, cheat,steal & murder for centuries untold, all in the pursuit of wealth & power. They are nothning but mofias. You pay taxes for, "protection", your rights are traded for, "more protection", all the while the war mongers are never satisfied with what they have. Bullies wearing uniforms is all they are. Who is surprised with the lies? Not I & I bet tons of others agree with me world-wide. No one knows this better than the native people in an area who have experienced this for untold thousands of years across the world. In ancient times it was the Hittites, the Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, etc. Later it became the various European nations constantly warring against one another & taking their hate to distant shores in the Old World. Then eventually they came to our shores & started it all over against we First Nations people starting with the Norsemen. Later the Spanish, French & English murdered our native people from all points of the Americas. Untold millions of our people were murdered, enslaved, tortured & robbed of untold trillions of valuables & land. Whole civilizations of people were destroyed & wisdom & knowledge lost forever by these hate mongers. Then the new country of the USA bought stolen lands from these various European nations & again started a new wave of murder, incarceration of our people to their concentration camps, aka, "reservations", stealing our lands & the valuables on & beneath them. It STILL continues to this very day in one form or another. Look at Canada & what they are doing to First Nations people. Look in South & Central America at all the pillaging going on there to poor native peoples & the present governments there doing nothing to help them. Look at all the lawsuits we native people are engaged in against the US government for this & that violation of treaties & rights. Nothing changes for our people. Same game, different times & governments. We have had to fight for centuries since these Invaders set foot on this continent. May the Great Spirit strengthen our people, help us in what is just in an unjust world of evil people. May Man Above fight for us with His forces He commands & finally bring the justice we have sought for centuries of various abuses & evil wrongs to our people of the past, present & future alike. Pray to our Creator to stop these evil ones in their frenzy of wealth building & their destruction of Mother Earth in their pursuit of wickedness. May all our many people near & far pray to the Great Spirit & all the forces that He commands to keep us strong & fight for us & with us as we seek justice across this world we live in.

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norene starr
Submitted by norene starr on

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Elizabeth McLaren
Submitted by Elizabeth McLaren on
Money rules all to some people ..... even if it affects people, animals ,plants and even the water we drink. How can you sleep at night ...all for the sake of greed !!

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Bonnie Fulford-...
Submitted by Bonnie Fulford-... on

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Submitted by Cowboy on
Yes. Big business is destroying the earth all for the shareholders because if they don't there will soon be a new CEO in town. In a world gone mad the almighty dollar has won and all our children will curse everything we leave for them in our wills. We are the first great extinction self imposed. Aren't we idiots?