Turquoise symbolizes friendship, and yellow represents movement and and one of the four colors of the four directions and medicine wheel. (Nike N7)

Kevin Durant Teams Up With N7 on Native-Print Nike Zoom KDV Shoes


At last night’s Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Golden State Warriors game (116-97), Kevin Durant sported his new version of Nike Zoom KD shoes created with Nike’s basketball and N7 teams. 

"OKC Thunder game on TNT is dope...KD is wearing N7s!!! What!?! How turahe is THAT!?" Pawnee and Yakama artist Bunky Echo-Hawk tweeted on the N7 Twitter page.

Durant unveiled the Nike Zoom KDV N7, part of the Summer 2013 N7 collection, yesterday. Inspired by Native art, the shoes are turquoise with a black swoosh and accents and a yellow-fade overlay print. The KD logo marks the right shoe, and the N7 logo appears on the left.

N7 is Nike’s commitment to bring sport and its benefits to Native American communities to positively transform and inspire youth and their communities.

“Playing in Oklahoma City has connected me to the mission of Nike N7 and the meaningful impact that it has with Native Americans here and across North America,” Durant said in a Nike press release. “The new N7 KDV is very special. I believe in the power of sport to change lives, and I support helping youth in Native American communities experience the positive benefits of being physically active.”

 Three-time NBA scoring champion and three-time member of the All NBA First Team Kevin Durant is small forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder. (Nike N7)

The Summer 2013 N7 collection will be widely available beginning April 13 at select Nike retail locations, on nikestore.com, and for the first time at select Foot Locker locations across the U.S. and Canada and on Footlocker.com.

“Foot Locker is thrilled to support the N7 Collection,” said Foot Locker CEO Ken Hicks, who represents the long-time Nike retail partnership and is also a citizen of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. “We look forward to future opportunities to deepen our commitment to the N7 Fund and the powerful work it’s doing to bring sports and physical activity to Native youth.”

A KDV N7 shoe purchase comes with a N7 KD T-shirt, featuring a unique KD graphic that pays homage to traditional Native design and celebrates Durant's dynamic game. Proceeds from all N7 purchases help support the N7 Fund and its mission to inspire and enable Native American and Aboriginal youth across North America to participate in sport and physical activity.

Dragon Fly T-Shirt (Nike N7)Today, April 12, Nike N7 will host a workout event for local youth from the Oklahoma Indian Clinic and Chickasaw Nation at a location that will be shared with attendees via Twitter @NikeN7.

The Summer 2013 Nike N7 collection also features a collaboration with Boston Red Sox centerfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, the first major leaguer of Navajo descent and Nike’s first N7 Ambassador.  Ellsbury is also a member of the Colorado River Indian Tribes. The t-shirt with a modern dragon fly motif is inspired by a Navajo story that Ellsbury’s mother passed down to him when he was 8. The legend tells: If you catch a dragonfly, carefully rub its wings on your feet, then watch it fly away; you’ll become a faster runner.

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michele griffith
Submitted by michele griffith on
it is great to see that the nba is reaching out to the native children across oklahoma. kevin durant is a good role model and i hope he will continue his efforts in the native americcan communities throught oklahoma.